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The Other Room present Big Loop anarchic anti-panto Cheer in festive slot     

The Other Room present Big Loop anarchic 
anti-panto Cheer in festive slot
Cardiff’s pub theatre The Other Room, located in Porter’s and winner of The Stage’s Fringe Theatre of the Year Award 2016, will present Big Loop’s brand new show Cheer as it’s Christmas show this year.

Cheer (Tuesday 27 November – Saturday 15 December) is set in a world where Christmas has been capitalised by the government. The elite purchase extortionately priced Christmas licenses from the state, while the poor resort to the synthetically produced ‘Cheer’, a black market substance dealt in pill form. An anarchic anti-panto, Cheer promises to be a challenging display of how far people will go in order to get their festive fix.

Big Loop Theatre Company co-Artistic Director and Director of Cheer Duncan Hallis comments:

“Making a Christmas show is like making Christmas dinner. For 45 people. For 3 weeks. They all want different things. There are different traditions and dietary requirements. They all have a different idea of what Christmas dinner should be. So how do we make a dinner that’s traditional, risky and at least a little fun? In many ways, Cheer is a new chapter in Big Loop’s history. This is our longest run, our biggest creative team, and we're continuing to define and refine our creative process. A process in which the script has been written beautifully. Kitty Hughes is bringing us something heart-wrenching and hilarious. She carves Christmas up and serves it with stuffing.

We are, of course, overjoyed to be invited into The Other Room. As a young company, this is a wonderful opportunity to work with a beacon for makers and audiences of exciting contemporary theatre. And we are truly honoured to be inhabiting their infamous Christmas slot. To continue the legacy of our festive ancestors, Difficult|Stage and Flossy & Boo. We have big shoes to fill.

Cheer is a little bit daunting. While our last two shows, Flowers and Flours, were elevated by infantile escapism, Cheer demands a grounding. We're tackling capitalism, substance abuse, and utter despair, in a world that is unsettlingly close to our own. Cheer wants something new from us. It's grabbing us by the shoulders, shaking us around, and begging for us to do one thing: Grow Up. We’re not going down without a fight.”

Cheer will be at The Other Room Tuesday 27 November - Saturday 15 December, and tickets are available now from To keep updated on The Other Room, you can also follow the team on Twitter @TORtheatre and Facebook
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