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Provocative Performance for Aberystwyth     

The Centre for Performance Research (CPR) presents a performance/installation


A Performance/Installation - in Collaboration with
Participants from The Summer Shift 2003

Castle Theatre, Aberystwyth

Guillermo Gómez-Peña is widely regarded as one of the most significant of the late 20th century's performance artists. His performance/installation work combines pop-culture, guerrilla theatre, provocative iconography, political satire and activism, ethnic stereotypes, and a touch of Dadaism.

No stranger to Aberystwyth, he worked with CPR in 1999 as part of the Performance Studies International conference presenting a truly provocative performance/installation at the Ceredigion Museum. Earlier this year he was invited to the Tate Modern as part of the prestigious Live Art London festival - a gathering of some of the most provocative performance artists ever seen in the UK.

"Since the mid 80s I have been committed to the creation of projects, which break down the borders between cultures and ethnicity; between audience and spectator, art practice and theory. My colleagues and I are interested in challenging the traditional roles of the artist. To us the artist is a social thinker, an intercultural diplomat, a reverse anthropologist, an alternative chronicler and above all, a responsible citizen immersed in the great debates of our times." Guillermo Gómez-Peña

Through a 'showing of work' produced in the workshop the 'performance' /installation will be of the highest artistic calibre with a wide social and cultural impact. The artists will produce a multi-disciplinary performance where participants will exhibit 'constructed personas' and may include installation and video work as well as opportunities for an audience to interact with performers. This project will be a true collaboration between Guillermo's Pocha Nostra company and the participants in the workshop.

CPR invited Guillermo to Wales to lead a workshop as part of its Summer Shift 2003 programme, which has involved 5 separate workshop programmes from some of the most innovative theatre artists working in the world today.

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