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Proposed Creative and Cultural Industries SSC     

Employers and employees in the Creative and Cultural Industries are being invited to join in the formation of an organisation which is intended to improve training and skills development within the sector.

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) are independent, UK-wide organisations developed by groups of influential industries that are of economic or strategic significance. The Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA) is the body established to underpin the SSC network. SSCs are industry-led and licensed by Government to take action to meet their sector's skills and business needs.

The Cultural and Creative SSC will cover Archives libraries and information services
The Arts in all their forms, Crafts, Cultural heritage, Design. Organisations already involved include:
Arts Council England
Arts Council of Wales
Arts Training Wales
Chartered Society of Designers
Council for British Archaeology
Creative People
Cultural Heritage NTO
Dance UK *
Department for Culture, Media & Sport
Design Advisory Group
Design Business Association
Design Council
Fforwm Crefft Cymru (Craft Forum Wales)
Independent Theatre Council *
Institute of Field Archaeologists
Museums Association
National Museum Directors Conference
Northern Ireland Museums Council
Opera and Music Theatre Forum *
Prospect Trade Union (on behalf of its members among managers/specialist staff)
Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives & Libraries
Scottish Museums Council
Society of London Theatre *
Theatrical Management Association*
UK Skills (Craft Skills Forum).
Discussions have also begun with the National Music Council.

* These performing arts bodies are also in close touch with Equity, BECTU and the Musicians' Union.

The case for a Creative and Cultural Industries SSC will be tested through feedback from those already working or employing within the sector. The SSDA has set out the process for those seeking SSC status. The first of the formal stages is to prepare an Expression of Interest which must have the support of a wide range of sector employers. This will be submitted in October 2003. Anyone who has not already expressed their support for the creation of the SSC should complete the feedback form available at:
web site

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