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Kim Charnock


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Kim's web site:
I am a Performance Artist devising and performing live and experimental

My work focuses in particular on autobiography and behaviour through
Physical Theatre and Live Art approaches. Inspired by artists such as Pina
Bausch, I have devised and performed in traditional and contemporary work,
as well as run a Theatre Company through which I lead workshops and
seminars in schools, colleges and the community. I train in the Brazilian
martial art of Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as Contemporary
Dance, and have attended workshops with artists such as Steven Berkoff and
Third Angel. Driven and always striving to create something new, my
performances are hard work but always playful.

Performance (’04-’08):

Always moving, barely breathing.
An autobiographical piece of physical theatre where there is never a still
moment. How much is truth, and how much should we choose to accept?
Current work in progress: Previewed St. Mary’s Works, Leicester -June 2008

‘Ultima Censura’
Ten tents, ten commandments and ten audience members. Placing the audience
member in intimate situations of choice, the work seeks to challenge our
concepts of right and wrong.
St. Augustine’s Church, Leicester -May 2008

‘Portrait Of An Actress As…’
What is the world of Art making really like? A personal look at the life
of the Artist.
Y Theatre-Sept 2007
Firebug - Nov 2007
Leicester Comedy Festival -Feb 2008
Richard Attenborough Centre -April 2008
Venture Theatre-July 2008

‘Metamorphosis’ (Steven Berkoff adaptation of Franz Kafka‘s ‘The
Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester - June 2007

‘Around The World On A Treadmill’
An 11,500 run on a treadmill. Often performed with Visual Artist Theresa
OPEN’ Festival, Oldknows Studios, Nottingham - Oct 2006
Slideshow Festival, Leicester, May 2006
LookOutPost Commission, London- Aug 2007
Interview in Dec 2006 ‘Runner’s World Magasine’

‘Let’s Pretend’
Short Film (Co- written and directed with Philippa Chan)
Slideshow Festival, Leicester -May 2006
Angel Film Festival, London - February 2006

‘Hide and Seek’
Using 1940’s cinema as an instruction manual for ‘good’ acting, two
directors fight to devise two pieces of work with the same cast, in the
same space, at the same time.
Edinburgh Fringe Festival - August 2006

‘Life On The Ground’
The monotony of life in the city through the mediums of graffiti and
physical theatre.
Slideshow Festival, Leicester - May 2006 (Opening performance)

Dressed in 1940’s clothing, the bleep test lasts as long as the performer
EuroArt Festival, London -August 2005
DoesTricks, Firebug, Leicester - November 2005

‘Still’ (Written by John Freeman)
What‘s left after the wine has gone and the last cigarette has burnt out,
the actor has run out of ideas and the stage is a wasteland of disregarded
Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester - June 2004


BA Honours Theatre – 1st Class Degree, De Montfort University 2002-2005
3 A-levels and 12 GCSE’S –Bournemouth Schools For Girls 1993-2000

Other Skills

Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Long-distance running, Contemporary dance,
Singing (mezzo-soprano), Songwriting, Acoustic Guitar, Basic video editing
and filming.

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