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UNKNOWN PLEASURES: The Elsinore Project First presented in 2010
by Volcano Theatre Company

UNKNOWN PLEASURES, an innovative partnership between Volcano Theatre Company, Taliesin Arts Centre and Swansea Metropolitan University which brings together Wales's finest artists and its best emerging talents to create adventurous new work. This years project is a devised piece taking inspiration from films of David Lynch, the work of Heiner Muller and different Hamlet's from David Tenant to Ethan Hawkes.

Away Now to War First presented in 2009
by Inky Quill Productions
The Life and Legacy of Nikola Tesla First presented in 2004
by Moving Being Productions

A new evolving theatre project exploring a contemporary research and assessment of the life and legacy of the controv ersial Serbian "inventor of electricity", Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) whose life and scientific discoveries captured the hearts and spirit of a dawning modern America. This first presentation of a year-long project will include, alongside Moving Being’s typically inventive multi-media approach to drama, a lecture by Zorica Civric, Curator of Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

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