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Brilliantly mad in every sense


Nofit State Circus , The Roundhouse London , April 2, 2009
Tabu by Nofit State Circus Seekers of sensual stimulation, fans of postmodernism and lovers of the absurd look no further -- Tabu will dazzle and bamboozle with quirky sights, sounds and smells, and bits of pop corn and rizzla rain.

Brilliantly mad in every sense, this acrobatic troop is not quite made up of the usual vivid colours and flamboyant costumes, which one might expect to see at a circus. Here, the world functions at low voltage and is almost asleep as characters lurk, fly, skip and hula-hoop around in muted shades of grey, twisting and bending to the energetic rhythms of a very entertaining band. Their circus is their music and disharmony seems to be the new order. Throw in a bit of a rowdy Sicilian family get-together, a Mad Hatter's party, glimpses of Black Cat, White Cat and a Dada night at Cabaret Voltaire, and you might get the picture.

Expect some sudden stunts, intensely close cast-audience encounters and ladies, wear comfortable shoes.

Reviewed by: Kulturflash

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