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“Daniel Llewelyn-Williams enchanting and funny...charismatic performance”

At Flying Bridge Theatre

Flying Bridge Theatre Company- A Regular Little Houdin , Pleasance Dome , August 15, 2016
At Flying Bridge Theatre by Flying Bridge Theatre Company- A Regular Little Houdin From “Three Weeks” 14th August

“An endearing, charismatic performance lies at the heart of this one-man show. The actor takes us through an Edwardian childhood in Wales, spent idolising Houdini, practising magic tricks – sorry, “amazements” – and craving the attention of an often absent father figure. The story is gripping, taking dramatic and tragic turns that surprise and enthral the audience, and is peppered with delightful little displays of sleight-of hand. But too frequently the connection between Houdini, magic tricks and escapology to the wider narrative is tenuous and inconsistently applied; it builds to a corking, moving climax, but the journey there is not quite up to the standard of Houdini’s spectacle.”

From “Edinburgh Guide” 6th August

“Whatever way you think this production will go, at some point you will be surprised. This one man show, performed by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, will make you laugh and have you reaching for the tissues.

He tells the story of a young boy whose ultimate wish is to make a living in the same way as his idol, Harry Houdini. Every spare minute of his time goes towards learning and perfecting his ‘amazements’ – to call the tricks would be unjust, as he so passionately explains. But for a young boy in Newport in 1905 with a head full of ideas, the real world is not a kind master.
Incorporating true events from Newport’s history this tale is an honest and colloquial story about Newport and its people, beautifully told by Llewelyn-Williams who entirely captures the heart of a ten-year-old and is an absolute joy to watch. One thing you cannot fault him for is his energy – he is enchanting and funny and will leave you with a smile on your face and applause in your heart.”

Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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