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Fluellen Theatre Company , Swansea Grand Arts Wing , October-17-02
Fluellen Theatre Company`s production of Joe Orton`s classic black comedy is something of a departure for an outfit which specialises in works by the likes of Shakespeare and Ibsen but it is always good to see classical players letting their hair down.

Fluellen`s trademark in-the-round aproach is abandoned here in favour of a more straight-forward theatrical presentation but even in the studio-style setting such as the Swansea Grand`s Arts Wing it works well and not a single line is wasted.

David Dooley`s portrayal of the deliciously vacant McLeavy is particularly fine, while Alexandra Trowbridge Matthews is given a rare opportunity to display her admirable comic timing as Fay, a smouldering, man-hungry nurse.

Barnaby Kellett as Hal, William Adrian as Dennis and Peter Richards as Meadows fare well in their respective roles but it is undoubtedly David Prince`s splendid portrayal of the blustering Inspector Truscott which really steals the show from under the noses of the rest of the cast.

The script has been tweaked to dispense with some of the more dated references - though, interestingly, the word "borstal" remains - but on the whole this is a timeless piece which should be accessible to anyone.

All credit to director Peter Richards for tackling something so different this time around. Theatrical purists may prefer to wallow in tales of urban angst or human suffering but we all need laughter rom time to time - and this is a production which delivers it in spades.

Reviewed by: Graham Williams, The Stage

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