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“Minor feminist masterpiece” (The Scotsman)


Taking Flight Theatre , The Riverfront , March-08-19
Peeling by Taking Flight Theatre With this powerful production Taking Flight Theatre and its Artistic Director, Elise Davison have moved from their boisterous open-air productions of plays by Shakespeare to a venue based production of an award winning play by acclaimed writer Kaite O’Reilly. Davison has risen to the challenge and given us a highly watchable theatre experience.

On a stage nearby a production of The Trojan Women is roaring away. The Chorus: Alfa, Beaty and Coral have given up trying to reach the stage because they feel restricted by their enormous, multi-layered costumes. This is very much to our benefit as the sharp creative imagination of Kaite O’Reilly gives us an evening of great delight as our three recalcitrants swap tales of life, sometimes with great humour but often with deeply felt passion.

Steph Lacey, Coral has had a troubled life and she vividly regales her past misfortunes, throwing the odd insult at her ‘mates’. Ruth Curtis, Beaty does much the same thing though there are moments when she almost imbues a degree of dignity to the awful carryings on. Bea Webster. Alfa, throws her insults out with a bravado Scottish accent that fills the stage.

They all produce compelling and deeply felt emotions. At times the exchanges quicken and we get a sort of chamber musique concrete interspersed with striking humour.

As the stories progress they struggle to peel away layers of billowing skirts, again and again. Despite all the fighting talk, the three performers have very engaging personalities that draw us all into their troubled lives. Clearly from the enthusiastic applause of the packed audience, we all had a great time appreciating the performers and all the nuances in the dynamism of the writing.

Erin Hutching moves smoothly amongst the performers, skilfully combining her duties as BSL signer and the part of Stage Manager.

Jane Lalljee’s lighting added to and at times intensified the atmosphere and Becky Davies’ set design of multiple television screens, one keeping us up to date on the happenings of The Trojan Women, set the happenings in appropriate surroundings that helped to draw us into the passionate minds of the excellent performers.

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Reviewed by: Michael Kelligan

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