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Cardiff Snger of the World 2019

Cardiff Singer of the World , St David's Hall , June 22, 2019
Cardiff Snger of the World 2019 by Cardiff Singer of the World I set off from home at approximately at five o clock as I was advised to get to the final early on
arrival into Cardiff city I was greeted by grid locked roads and loads of welsh dancers around the city
I watched some of the dancers for twenty minutes before heading to the venue to pick up my ticket
to review tonight’s performances. I headed inside of the venue picked up my ticket and was greeted by a staff member whom had been working in the lift shafts taking myself and others to the auditorium floors.

I was taken again to floor five where I listened to the pre talks with regards to tonight’s final the pre talks happened around six pm every night and were a pleasure to sit and listen to about five minutes before the end of the talks I had realised that I had not picked up my programme for the Cardiff singer of the world grand finale. I was taken back down in the lift shaft from floor five to floor two by a lovely member of staff at st David’s hall I walked over to the programme stall where I was handed my programme.

I then returned to the lift shaft and was taken to floor three where I had entered door A of the auditorium and was seated on the ground floor row E seat thirty six it was a fantastic seat within the auditorium right close to the stage where I would review the grand finale 2019. I sat in my seat and next to me sat the manager of sooyeon lee the soprano singer of the competition we said hello chatted for a few minutes and waited for the concert to go live to the nation it was a privilege to meet one of the managers of one of the contestants.

Tv presenter and host Petroc Trelawney took to the stage and our cameras went live the television presenter Petroc introduced all of the contestants in the grand finale of Cardiff singer of the world 2019 bbc Cardiff singer of the world is organized by bbc cymru wales and in association with welsh national opera and is supported by city of Cardiff council many names also include bbc cymru wales national orchestra of wales royal welsh college of music and drama with help and support of Swansea university, And the venue itself st David’s hall

The finalists for tonight’s competition were Andrei Kymach of Ukraine, sooyeon lee of South Korea, mingjie lei of china, Guadalupe Barrientos of Argentina, and Patrick guetti of the United States of America (USA). The jury of the concerts consisted of Sir David Pountney (chair), jos’e wasfi kani, dame felicity lott, and lastly Frederica vonstade the role of the jury was to consider the verdict at the end of the performances and the results of the dame Joan Sutherland audience prize and BBC Cardiff singer of the world to be announced from the stage.

The winner of the trophy would be presented by the competitions patron dame kiri te kanwa during the finale a prize was presented the dame Joan Sutherland it was presented by her widower Richard bonynge this award was in memory of the late Dmitri hvorostovsky who passed away in 2017 and was a legend to all who knew him he was an outstanding performer and his music and singing will live on for many years and years to follow, when the cameras went live Petroc introduced our first contender Andrei Kymach a baritone aged 31 all the way from Ukraine.

Andrei Kymach came to the stage and we were greeted by the conductor ariane matiakh whom with the bbc national orchestra of wales lead us with songs from carmin bezet, songs from Rachmaninov, and music from Lucia di lamer moor Donizetti he wowed the audience with his real powerful voice showing his passion all the way he was a competent singer and did not show any nerves on stage, and the audience was so captivated when he finished each song they clapped so loud and shouted loads of bravos the orchestra wowed us with lovely soft violins and cellos in the second song and Andrei kept good eye contact with the audience throughout his performances. He had one incredible voice.

We were then greeted by Tv presenter Petroc again whom introduced the second act of the final sooyeon lee a soprano singer from south Korea she came to the stage were greeted by conductor ewa strusinska sooyeon lee brought us songs from Rigoletto/Verdi, and music from the wonderful la somnambula Bellini she wowed us with her ooo’s and aaaa’s and her subtle voice I thought she was breath taking the music from the orchestra was jolly with sometimes big drum sounds she reminded me of another classical star singer charlotte church she looked a million dollars and I thought she would of won the competition.

The next artist Petroc introduced was mingjie lei a tenor aged 31 from china met by conductor ariane matiakh whom wowed us with songs from Mozart, Rossini, and goldmark he was trying to capture the audience with a little bit of drama like it was a west end production but captivating the crowd. He had lovely orange stage lights around him and at the end of his songs he was interviewed by Josie D’arby where he gave an eye look to the camera to get the audience attention the audience laughed at his quirkiness he shows us he is ready for this the judges said that to win the competition the music has to be like expensive.

He bowed out the audience and Petroc brings to the stage our wild card Guadalupe Barrientos she knew how to work the cameras and the audience her dress look like a period drama and operatic 1900s dress it was so wide and flared and long we could not see her shoes she looked absolutely stunning. Throughout her songs she was very captivating she nearly cried at the end of each song she deserved to be the wild card and looked like a star she was incredible and outstanding Guadalupe sang songs from l’arlesiana/cilea Samson ET delila, st –saens, and sea/pictures/Elgar the presenter Josie said that was stunning.

Our final performer of the night was that of Patrick guetti our base singer aged 31 from the USA and conducted by ewa strusinska he said to the audience he loves it that is why he does it he showed loads of emotion in his face whilst singing and also good language skills from his songs he wowed us on how he can sing so low but I thought he lost a note on one of his songs on the lowest note he showed loads of hand movements and the conductor ewa strusinska handled the orchestra well. the orchestra consisted of a mixture of ages approximately 30+ approximate a few younger maybe the orchestra worked hard and played angry but happy music he sang songs from Siegfried Wagner, and Simon boccanagra Verdi, Mozart and an old American song copland which was called I brought me a cat he sung about cats ducks a goose pigs horses under a yonder tree this was quite different and had all the audience laughing though his singing the presenter josie said in her interview he was funny.

The concert then came to a twenty minuet interval in which myself and the rest of the auditorium gathered in the lobby hall to get drinks and refreshments and ice cream we then returned back to our seats for the final verdict of the judges Cardiff singer of the world 2019 winner Katie bray of England was presented with a glass cup/bowl and Petroc handed over to kiri te kanwa and her team of judges and others to crown the bbc Cardiff singer of the world 2019 on Saturday the 22nd of June at approximately 9:15pm at st David’s hall . The winner was announced the winner was Andrei Kymach the lovely baritone aged 31 form Ukraine he was incredible and deserved to win the competition the audience clapped and roared while he collected his winning glass trophy the trophy looked stunning after the audience clapped and roared all presenters came to the stage to thank everyone involved this year and said good night to the TV viewers from around the world once the tv cameras were no longer live and the programme had ended we gathered and stood up from our seats to sing together the welsh national anthem after this there were photographs hugs and kisses from the judges, press, media and some of the public captured photographs from their phones it was an amazing finale and the world’s greatest singing competition returns on June 2021 and are encouraged to keep in touch at on Facebook or at Cardiff singer. A

Reviewed by: Justin lamnea

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