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At Made in Wales

New Writing History , Theatre of Wales , July 1, 2020
At Made in Wales by New Writing History Made in Wales was formed to locate and produce new writing in Wales in English. It ceased in 2000 following an Arts Council of Wales' funding re-allocation. Along with that of Dalier Sylw its role was taken over by Sgript Cymru

The article of July 2018 in the “In Memory” sequence includes:

“Jeff Teare led the new writing company Made in Wales with dedication, wryness and acuity. Wales had a place where a script from anyone could be sent. There it was guaranteed that it would be read with promptness and appraised scrupulously and with deep knowledge. Jeff Teare occupied the role as a fighter, a champion for the place of new writing as the heart of a vital theatre culture.”

Jeff Teare is author of the foreword of a trio of plays published in 1998. “Safar” by Afshan Malik, “Gulp” by Roger Williams , “My piece of happiness” by/ Lewis Davies.

“Giant Steps” by Othneil Smith was anthologised in “New Welsh Drama II”. Jeff Teare as editor observed in his introduction the many difficulties Made in Wales faced at the time with regard to attracting the necessary funding and desired audience for the play.

“Teare recalled being “met with a long silence” on a phone call to the Arts Council of Wales, after explaining that he understood the term ‘multicultural’ to apply to “Welsh writers from non-European backgrounds” rather than simply those who spoke Welsh and English.

Made in Wales' production record included:

2000: “Venus” by Peter Morgan

2000: “Perspective” by Mark Ryan

1999: “Killing Kangaroos” by Roger Williams

1999: “The Gorgeous Lives of Seahorses” by Lesley Ross

1999: “More Life” by Jeff Teare

1998: “Dare” by Tracy Spottiswoode

1998: “Giant Steps” by Othniel Smith

1998: “Queen of Hearts” by Christine Watkins

1998: “My Piece of Happiness” by Lewis Davies

1997: “Calon Lan” by Roger Williams

1997: “Gulp” by Roger Williams

1997: “Love in Aberdare” by Roger Williams

1997: “Cradle to the Grave” by Laurence Allen

1997: “Baywatch Cymru” by Patrick Prior

1996: “Safar” by Afshan Malik

1996: “Little Sister” by Sian Evans

1996: “The Sea that Blazed” by Christine Watkins

1992: “Facing Up” by Ieuan Watkins

A co-production between Theatr Clwyd and Made in Wales

1990: “The Fourth World” by Dic Edwards

1986: “Looking For The World” by Dic Edwards

1983: “Canned Goods” by Dic Edwards

1982: “At the End of the Bay” by Dic Edwards

1982: “Lucia” by Alun Owen

1982: “Crash Course” by Sion Eirian

“Utah Blue” by Dic Edwards

“Waiting at the Water's Edge” by Lucinda Coxon

“I've been Eddie Mostyn” by Peter Lloyd:

“The Search for Odysseus” by Charles Way

“Ted's Creatures” by Tim Rhys

Picture: "Giant Steps"

Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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