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Best 'actor' speaks!     

Best 'actor' speaks! I am totally delighted to have won the award for best Dance/ Performance production for The House Project, especially given that the shortlist was so strong .

My biggest thanks is to my collaborator Michael Toppings who came up with the original concept and allowed me with such trust to re-imagine it for Cardiff . It was an enormous undertaking and we couldn’t have done it without the dedicated support of Chapter Arts Centre, especially James Tyson and Cathy Boyce and of course the Arts Council of Wales and Wales Arts International for making it possible.

There where ten artists involved who grasped the project with tremendous vigour, commitment and imagination and this award is for them.

The art critic Hugh Adams wrote that The House Project would become a fabled event in Welsh Art mythology and winning this award is prove that it can now begin to fulfil that elaborate prediction.

I must admit that winning the award for best actor for Shed*light is rather bemusing to say the least as Shed*light was an interdisciplinary art work that involved architectural design, construction, film, photography and sound installation....with NO live element, well not then. My collaborator Ben Anderson and I intended to create a highly performative experience.... well it must have worked!

Shed*light is based on my first sexual experience that took place in a concrete dynamite shed in the Swansea Valley. Perhaps someone else witnessed that encounter and perhaps the award is given in hindsight for that particular premiere performance! In all seriousness its a curious award and I feel uncomfortable about receiving it. A solo based on the material is now in existence called “Norman Behaviour”. The performance will be presented as part on an adapted version of Shed*light at ARCO International Art Fair in Madrid in two weeks time .

It will be part on an installation involving a replica of the dynamite shed, a reconstruction of a blocked up Cardiff toilet and the fuselage of a DC9 aeroplane in front of an estimated audience of 250.000 people over three days. I will do my my utmost and give a performance that deserves such an award.

So in advance I am grateful for all those that had the faith and the prediction to vote for me.....diolch yn fawr iawn.
Marc Rees  
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Marc Rees
Sunday, January 23, 2005back

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