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"Nest of Angels" a new play by Julian Bond is to have it world premier under the auspices of The Bleeding Flag, a new locally based theatre company. This exciting new piece of drama will be performed at 8.15 on 24th March at the Small Studio Theatre Aberystwyth Arts Centre.
Directed by Hannah Simpson with Richard Hull.
Time: Now in a parallel universe. Location: Aberystwyth a small town in West Wales. The Occupying Forces are in control and have set up permanent road blocks, detention centres for the recaltirant, armed troops roam the streets or instigate raids against suspected insurgents.  Prime land is given to the "settlers". Huge concrete walls are under construction splitting the town. Many homes are being demolishied to keep the settlers safe from the local population, angry and resentful at the loss of their lives and livelihoods. Even the beach is closed and mined.
This is the setting in which the action of "Nest of Angels" takes place. This nightmare world is home for the Jones family and the action follows their lives in this harsh climate. Things we take for granted become impossibly difficult and the fear is almost as hard as the aggression itself.
The action opens at the funeral of Bryn Jone's neice, killed by a bomb intended for a terrorist leader. Bryn (Gruff Owen) is there with his wife Branwen (Branwen Llywelyn) their daughter Rhian (Molly Munro), Bryn's sister Angharad(Hannah Simpson) and her partner Ioan(Pete Hughes). When Bryn in  his anger speaks out against the violence, he starts a chain of events which all of them live to regret.
After the show there will be a question and answer session. 
"Nest of Angels" has been extensively adapted by "The Bleeding Flag Theatre Company that will be shown on 24th.
This is the first production of The Bleeding Flag Theatre Company. The Company was set up in May 2004 with the specific remit to develop and perform controversial new text based plays. The company hopes to be able to help developing theatre artists from Aberystwyth and the surrounding areas. The Bleeding Flag Theatre Company is funded by the Arts Council of Wales.
This production is part of the Aberystwyth Arts for all Open Space Platform.
For more information E-mail Danielle Marsden, Publicity Director of The Bleeding Flag Theatre at
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