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Identifying the Potential - The Development of Theatre Audiences in Wales     

Identifying the Potential - The Development of Theatre Audiences in Wales Audiences Wales, the arts marketing and audience development agency, has received funding from the Arts Council of Wales to undertake a major research project on drama audiences in Wales.

The impetus for the project comes from the Arts Council of Wales’s drama strategy which expresses the concern that audiences need to be developed for drama, particularly in light of the new English language National Theatre for Wales. There has also been in depth discussion about current and future audience levels at Creu Cymru Drama Consortium Meetings over the past two years, which has lent added weight to the argument for this research to take place.

A steering group has been established with Creu Cymru, the development agency for theatre and arts centres in Wales, and the Arts Council of Wales to support the project and maximise the benefits to all theatres, arts centres and production companies in Wales.

The research project aims to be the most comprehensive analysis of drama audiences undertaken in Wales and also a practical resource for programmers and marketing staff. The research will profile current audiences, define motivations and patterns of behaviour, determine the potential audiences for drama and identify suitable audience development strategies for the benefit of presenting venues and production companies across Wales.

Nick Beasley, Chief Executive of Audiences Wales said:
“This project has been developed over the past few months by the Audiences Wales team in discussion with Creu Cymru. Thanks to the Arts Council of Wales’ funding, we are able to work together to undertake this significant piece of research that will benefit both the drama sector and audiences in Wales”

Richard Hogger, Director of Creu Cymru said:
“Creu Cymru has been supporting theatres and arts centres across Wales on the practical delivery of their linked programme, audience development and marketing strategies and this research comes at an important time in this process. Their involvement, as the key theatres where audiences see work, will be crucial to the delivery of the audience building activity that follows.”

At the heart of this project is Audiences Wales’ The Knowledge programme which has established a detailed understanding of drama audiences in Wales. The Knowledge programme will be placed into context with other information on arts attenders to provide a robust and detailed picture of audiences.

The project will then undertake wide ranging consultation with theatres, arts centres and production companies across Wales to look at programming and marketing in particular. This will be complemented by a programme of research with current and potential drama attenders to determine their patterns of behaviour and perceptions of drama in Wales.

For further information, please contact:
Nick Beasley, Chief Executive
Audiences Wales
029 20373726  
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