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THREE DAYS TO GO UNTIL THE DEATH OF THEATRE IN NORTH WEST WALES Representatives of The Voice of Theatr Gwynedd’s audience have confirmed at 9.45am on Monday 27 October 2008 that their open letter about Theatr Gwynedd sent by e mail at 11.14am on Friday 24 October 2008 to Rhodri Morgan, our First Minister, was received in his office on Friday, but was not read by Mr Morgan on that day. We are today sending the open letter to the other local Members of Parliament and Assembly Members, asking for their support.

We challenge the Welsh Assembly Government to offer a reasonable sum to the liquidators of Theatr Gwynedd Company, so that the auction of the theatre’s facilities scheduled for this Thursday, 30 October 2008, can be cancelled, and so that Theatr Gwynedd’s facilities can be retained, and the Theatr mothballed, rather than closed permanently.

We also challenge the Welsh Assembly Government to invest at least £1 million in Theatr Gwynedd in North West Wales, in order to preserve quality provision for a minimum of two years, and at least until funding for the new Arts Centre has been secured. This investment compares favourably with the £3.5 million awarded annually to the Millenium Centre in Cardiff, and the £13.5 million additional monies awarded to them in November 2007 to wipe out their debts; and also to the £1.9 million awarded to the National Botanic Gardens in Carmarthenshire in February 2008 in order to pay off their overdraft.

If there is no positive response, within the next three days and before the auction, to these reasonable requests to secure our cultural heritage, and the provision of quality theatre in North West Wales, the audience will be forced to accept provision in “shopping centres and schools” (according to the Arts Council of Wales). This will be our future provision for at least two years, and perhaps for ever, if funding cannot be secured for the proposed new Arts Centre. The offer of this second-class provison, which takes us back to the situation pre 1975 when Theatr Gwynedd opened, is totally unacceptable. If we receive no positive response, we will also be aware of the attitude of our elected representatives towards their constituents in North West Wales.

For further information, please contact: Ann Jones on 07831 352393, or or Lionel Gardner, 01248 362909 on behalf of The Voice of Theatr Gwynedd’s Audience
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