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Communities and Culture Committee     

Communities and Culture Committee The Communities and Culture Committee has chosen to carry out an inquiry into the promotion of Welsh arts and culture on the world stage.
Terms of Reference

The Committee will review:
The Welsh Assembly Government’s over-arching policy, strategy(ies) and associated action plans to promote Welsh Arts and Culture abroad; how Welsh Ministers and Departments collaborate and coordinate; and how success is measured

The different arts and culture strategies operating in Wales, including the work of the British Council and other UK-wide strategies applicable to Wales, and how they are coordinated and funding allocated

The opportunities available for people to take part in and access Welsh Arts on the World stage

The Committee will make recommendations as appropriate.

We are seeking your views on any issues relevant to this topic, including:
How are the Welsh Assembly Government’s national strategies on promoting arts and culture on the world stage being delivered and coordinated?

What are the top priorities of the Welsh Assembly Government and the British Council on promoting Welsh arts and culture internationally, i.e. where are efforts and funds being focused to maximise impact?

Is there enough research into unique/growth areas in Welsh arts and culture? How are these being supported? Is the current balance correct?
How is the Welsh Assembly Government ensuring that efforts to promote arts and culture internationally are coordinated between Ministerial and Department portfolios (eg in the fields of education and skills, economic development, tourism, heritage, arts and culture, international cultural relations, European and external affairs)?

The Welsh Assembly Government is currently working on developing a statutory cultural duty on Welsh local authorities. How might this fit with the promotion of Welsh arts and culture internationally?
Are the outcomes of funding and promotional work being measured and evaluated adequately to ensure value for money for the public purse?
How effective are partnership arrangements between arts and culture bodies, the British Council and the Welsh Assembly Government in supporting an over-arching strategy?

How successful are local arts and culture bodies in promoting their work on the world stage and how are they being supported to do this?
How do the Welsh Assembly Government’s policies and strategies fit with those of the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport, eg efforts to make the UK a ‘global creative hub’, particularly in the context of the Cultural Olympiad 2012?

How is equality of opportunity taken into account in the promotion of Welsh arts and culture internationally?
Interested parties are invited to submit written evidence to the committee clerk at the address below, to arrive no later than Monday 12 January 2009. If possible, please supply an electronic version by e-mail to the following address:

Please indicate whether you would be interested in presenting your views to the Committee in person.

It is normal practice for the National Assembly to publish evidence provided to a committee. Consequently your response may appear in a report or in supplementary evidence to a report. You will, unless you request otherwise, be identified as the author of the evidence although the National Assembly will not publish any other information which it considers to be personal data.

You should be aware however that in the event of a request for information submitted under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, it may be necessary to disclose the information that you provide even though this has not been published.

If you are providing any information, other than personal data, which you feel is not suitable for public disclosure, or if you do not wish your identity, as author of the evidence to be disclosed, this must be clearly identified together with your reasons for wishing to withhold the material in question. The National Assembly will take this into account when publishing information or responding to requests for information.
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