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An Evening with Psychosis     

An Evening with Psychosis Point Blank Theatre present "An Evening with Psychosis"



A Spaceship crash lands on a lunar colony, while in a parallel time and place plans are afoot to escape a psychiatric ward.

Point Blank Theatre are back on tour with a provocative and irreverent exploration of psychosis directed by Steve Jackson and designed by Richard Lowden (Forced Entertainment). The hazy line between madness and reason is examined as personal testimonies compete with science fiction to offer an objective and subjective account of psychosis. Finding both the reason in madness and the madness in reason the show takes an absurd and poignant journey into the sublime and malign realms of the mind.

While a space crew are distracted by irregular orbits, testimonies taken from interviews with professionals and those affected by psychotic conditions are woven into their journey. Meanwhile at the frontier of space, satellites are calling for reason to be abandoned and plot a new orbit around the moon.

Psychosis is defined as a condition in which a person loses contact with reality in a profound manner. Point Blank asks can such a reality contain the dreams and visions of the most radical flights of thought or does that open the door to madness?
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