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In My Mouth - Written & directed by Firenza Guidi     

In My Mouth -  Written & directed by Firenza Guidi Speech. The mark of the devil. When it comes from a woman’s mouth.

Scolds, visionaries, whores, mothers, wives, witches: In My Mouth looks at speech in the mouth of a woman: filthy, demonic manifestation of a libidinal will, a sign of pride, insolence and subversion - or of a deranged mind.

In My Mouth focuses on the silencing of radical women during Cromwell’s times. A play, an installation, a promenade performance - passionate, physical and utterly seductive - this is an exhilarating journey through muddy roads, dark corridors and suffocating court rooms.

Anna Trapnel, Katherine Chidley, Mary Pope…for all these women and many more, breaking silence was a criminal offence punishable by whipping, burning, ducking and the terrifyingly cruel scold’s bridle or brank. The ferocity of the use of the brank is at the heart of this play – fitted and locked over the woman’s face, the metal protrusion penetrated the mouth and pierced the tongue with sharp spikes.

This unique piece gives Royal Welsh College students the opportunity to create something truly out of their comfort zone, producing a stunning piece of performance art. Working with a master of the craft, Firenza Guidi, Artistic Director tabu project, Nofit State Circus, the students create a world where the audience walk through space and time in a fast moving reel where light and darkness bring the past to life.

Bute Theatre 26-29 May 7.30 pm Tickets: £7, £5

The play takes its inspiration from two books by Steve Davies: Unbridled Spirits, Women of the English Revolution: 1640-1660, and Impassioned Clay

In My Mouth is one of three plays being performed by the Royal Welsh College that week. The other two are The Duchess of Malfi , Sherman, 22-30 May and Faking: An adaptation of ‘The Misanthrope’, 22-30 May, Caird Studio

Tickets for In My Mouth and Faking are available from RWCMD Box Office
029 20391 391.

Tickets for The Duchess of Malfi are available from the Sherman Box
Office 029 2064 6900
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