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Going Back to her Roots     

Going Back to her Roots Ceri’s work has meant that she has not spent a great deal of time in Wales during the past few years. But this week a project is bringing her back to her roots.

Ceri has been chosen to take part in Locator 20 the artist residency which is taking place in Rowen, Conwy. This is a very ambitious project which will offer something different to the audience. A guided walk through the beautiful landscape of Rowen, Conwy filled with live performances from eight Welsh and International artists and a historian. This is a unique opportunity to see the climax of intense residency in Rowen, Conwy. A chance to see new work, through dance, performance, visual arts, spoken words and new music in response to the history and stunning landscapes surrounding the village of Rowen, Conwy.

Ceri is looking forward to being in Locator 20 led by Simon Whitehead and 7 other artists. “I am intrigued by the way in which locations, language, people and memories create an impact on creativity” said Ceri.

Ceri is well known throughout Gwynedd to children and young people through her weekly dance sessions in Galeri, Caernarfon, Glaslyn Leisure Centre Porthmadog and Thomas Telfod centre in Menai Bridge and also her visits to schools and colleges. Ceri works for Dawns i Bawb in Caernarfon as Gwynedd’s Dance Practitioner. Ceri travels extensively with her work but her up-bringing in Llangernyw keeps her connections with Wales and the language.

Ceri studied her craft of dance at John Moores University in Liverpool and that’s where she started to perform with “Cynefin” a sensory Labyrinth Theatre Company, which means theatrical performance which employ all the senses and which is performed in purpose built labyrinths with and for communities. “Performances provide audiences to step out of time and enter a “being” instead of a “doing” mode. Performances are held in different seasons and create unique artistic experiences for many individuals” said Ceri. Her experience with Sensory Labyrinth theatre has given he a rich understanding of engaging and interacting with individual audience members within a natural environment.

Recently Ceri has enjoyed working with clowning techniques and has created a walk about act with Refresh Theatre. The act has a very visual impact on audiences due to the costume and walking about with a 6ft flower! It appeals a lot to children and adults and has a variety of acro-balances which is used to wow the crowd. Her other passion is her clothing company Cherry Head. Cherry Head designs are confused between comfort days, the dress up nights and between wrists and necks which desire to be adorned with lace and beads.

Locator 20 with Simon Whitehead Live Performances in the Landscape

Starts at Rowen Community Hall, Conwy on Saturday 12 September 2pm.

Tickets available at: £8.50, £6 concessions refreshments included.

Migrations, 25 Watling Street, Llanrwst, LL26 0LS 01492 642291

Galeri Caernarfon, Victoria Doc, Caernarfon, LL55 1SQ - 01286 685222

For further information contact or 01492 642291
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