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MID POWYS YOUTH THEATRE present THE BACCHAE Tue Nov 3 – Sat Nov 7, 8pm. Fri matinee at 12 noon

In a bold, exuberant retelling of the most compelling of all Greek tragedies, Mid Powys Youth Theatre (MPYT) presents Euripides’ The Bacchae at Wyeside Arts Centre in the first week of November. In tackling the mother of all vengeance tales, MPYT build upon the fine work begun this summer with their hugely successful production of Electra.

In their new production of The Bacchae, the great Greek city of Thebes simmers with the arrival of Dionysus; a young new God, with an old score to settle. As the God of wine, wildness and revelry, Dionysus is not one to arrive quietly. His first act is to send the women of the city raving mad, setting them loose to dance wild upon the mountains. This deliberate provocation of the young King Pentheus is Dionysus’ challenge to the authority of the ruling patriarchy. He has set the stage for a relentless, cruel and wickedly gleeful manhunt.

Setting male against female, Greek against foreigner, passion against reason and nature against civilisation itself, The Bacchae is a heady mix of divine madness, ecstasy and unholy vengeance. Ultimately, the tragic aftermath of Euripides’ bloody masterpiece presents a timeless and compelling plea for tolerance and understanding.

The production, directed by actor/writer Ralph Bolland and ex-MPYT member Aimee Corbett, is backed by a live score orchestrated by Simon Fraser and created by the company.

Suitable for everyone over 11. Performance includes flashing light effects.

Performances at 8pm Tue Nov 3 – Sat Nov 7. Fri matinee at 12 noon.

Tickets for this and other events can be booked by calling the box office on 01982 552 555.
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