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Ockham's Razor: The Mill     

Ockham's Razor: The Mill Thursday 10 December 2009. 8pm - Weston Studio, Millennium Centre, Cardiff.Free Post Show Talk

Pure strength, agility, creativity and visual brilliance rolled into one. Ockham's Razor specialises in creating arresting theatre that takes place in the air above you.

The Mill delves into the sweat, grind and grit of physical work using a wheel of wood and steel suspended 6 metres up, powered only by the performers. A small movement propels it into motion and as it gathers momentum the enormous structure appears to have a life of its own. Only the strength and skill of the performers can bring it under control. For everyone watching from below, quite literally, breathtaking stuff.

First 30 tickets sold cost £8 each
The next 30 tickets sold cost £10 each
All remaining tickets (including those bought on the day of the performance) cost £12 each

Where does the name "Ockham's Razor" come from?
Ockham's Razor is a 14th Century Mathematical theory, attributed to the Englishman, William of Ockham.

It argues that, to find the solution to given any scientific problem, you should only consider those factors that will make a significant difference to the outcome. This reduces the complexity of the problem and has resulted in the rule of thumb that the simplest solution is always the best.
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