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Welsh Dance Strand set to make a mark at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe     

Welsh Dance Strand set to make a mark at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Welsh Dance Strand set to make a mark at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
International Showcase presents four vibrant dance productions at world's largest arts festival

Putting some of the greatest choreographic talents in Britain centre stage, the Welsh Dance Strand introduces four of Wales' most exciting dance makers in a curated showcase at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Produced by Coreo Cymru, the showcase sees Fringe debuts for Harnisch Lacey Dance, TaikaBox, Jo Fong and the Kitsch & Sync Collective. Celebrating the diversity and quality of dance in Wales the programme includes performances fusing contemporary dance, parkour and breakdance, dance movement and technology, dance immersion and audience participation as well as dating and dance theatre!

The Welsh Dance Strand runs from 18 – 25 August and will be resident at Zoo Southside. The full programme includes:

SPIN - Harnisch Lacey Dance
SPIN mixes contemporary dance with urban dance styles of parkour and breakin’ in a fresh, dynamic performance. SPIN takes you on a journey ‘in and out’ of hope, inspired by personal
stories of making the impossible possible. Four dancers manipulate a moveable set, turning
obstacles into opportunities, to captivating beats and an original score. (pic of boys flying)

Beyond the Body - TaikaBox
In the shifting light of projected digital environments, five other-worldly characters embark on journeys of self development, bringing them together in a beautifully crafted performance exploring relationships with our dreams, our beliefs, our bodies and each other. Using a combination of movement, original sound score and interactive video projection, TaikaBox takes the audience on a mystical journey through amazing digital landscapes that lie just beyond the body. (pix called Beyond)

An invitation... - Jo Fong
An Invitation… appears as though it is being created right now. What happens or doesn’t happen is influenced directly by the people in the room. An Invitation… is about connection, spontaneity, but also about uncertainty. We play the performer, we play the audience. We are the show. Is it now?

Last Chance Romance - Kitsch & Sync
"Bing, Bong, Bing…welcome to Kitsch & Sync Collective’s Retro Dating Agency. Are you looking for love? Left on the shelf? Feeling like ‘Billy No Dates’? Well this is your chance to find romance, in this comedic, toe-tapping dance theatre piece.” Last Chance Romance is an interactive and comedic dance theatre performance starring three retro dating agency receptionists. The choreography takes place on and around three 50’s style movable office pods, fusing gestural motifs, swing and dance theatre with devised text and song. (pic called K&S Last chance)

Coreo Cymru's Producer Carole Blade is delighted to be able to give greater focus to the diverse range and quality of Welsh dance within an international context saying; “The companies have been approached to represent the Welsh Dance Strand based on their quality of work, diverse and complimentary aesthetics and stage of development. Together they collectively strengthen the profile and status of the Welsh dance sector providing a strong and engaging presence within the festival for audience and industry alike.”

Full Show Listing Information:

Beyond the Body - TaikaBox
Venue: Zoo Southside
Dates & Times: 18 -25 August 11am (65 minutes)
Tickets: £12/£10 concession
Box Office: or 0131 226 0000 (Fringe) 0131 662 6892 (Zoo Venues)

SPIN - Harnisch Lacey Dance
Venue: Zoo Southside
Dates & Times: 18 -25 August 15.30pm (45 minutes)
Tickets £12/£10 concession
Box Office: or 0131 226 0000 (Fringe) 0131 662 6892 (Zoo Venues)

An Invitation… - Jo Fong
Venue: Zoo Southside
Dates & Times: 18 -25 August 10.45am (50 minutes)
Tickets £9/£7 concession
Box Office: or 0131 226 0000 (Fringe) 0131 662 6892 (Zoo Venues)

Last Chance Romance - Kitsch & Sync Collective
Venue: Zoo Southside
Dates & Times: 18 -25 August
Tickets £9/£7 concession 7.15pm (45 minutes)
Box Office: or 0131 226 0000 (Fringe) 0131 662 6892 (Zoo Venues)

Coreo Cymru
Coreo Cymru, (creative producer for dance in Wales) was set up in 2012 to encourage and manage the creation and production of new dance activity, and to support the development of Wales based artists and companies.

The programme initiated and supported by the Arts Council of Wales is being developed in partnership with Creative Producer, Carole Blade and Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and includes partnerships with Wales based organisations along with international partnerships and co-producers.

The programme includes new innovative ways of presenting dance, touring stage productions, artist development schemes, research opportunities and site-specific projects in the community. It supports small to large-scale productions of different styles and aesthetics and offers various support mechanisms for the growth of dance artists and collaborators. Coreo’s programme has been developed to encompass new and existing audiences, venues and sites whilst establishing and nurturing partnerships across Wales and internationally.

Last year Coreo Cymru presented the 360º immersive cinema experience, the Dance Dome at the Grassmarket as part of Edinburgh Fringe along with collaborators 4Pi Productions and with support from Dance Base.

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