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Frustrated by The Guardian's lack of interest in Wales and the lack of a regular outlet in the traditional print media in Wales, DAVID ADAMS, Wales's longest-established fulltime theatre critic, has decided to hire himself out.

The idea, briefly, is that for a basic fee David will write a 500-word criticism of your production for your own external feedback and help edit it so you can, if you want, post it on this site, let the Western Mail have a version, etc.

He obviously insists that he is free to write an impartial criticism but promises to consult so that the piece is balanced and more comprehensive than space allows in the press normally. David can also give informal critical feedback and suggests the service could be extended to include the sort of external evaluation useful in assessing the meeting of artistic targets.

It doesn't let the WM off the hook for its failure to pay professional critics for reviews but it does mean companies (a) get an outside-eye criticism for their own self-evaluation (b) the show gets a full-length review on this site (c) there is public awareness of the work if you let the press have a (free) review with David's by-line.


Hannah Jones , the Arts Editor if the Western Mail has responded to this item by stating , quite unequivocally,

" I am currently not in a position to pay for reviews. Indeed, I AM NOT IN CHARGE OF THE BUDGET. I am just told if I can spend money and if I can't. This has been misconstrued as me saying that I have "withdrawn" funding which makes it sound like I have chosen to pay for something else instead. "

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