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The show is directed by Burton's nephew, Guy Masterson, written by Cardiff's Mark Jenkins and supported by the Welsh Development Agency. The Australian press was uniformly generous in their praise.

John Smythe, National Business Review.
"I found it a joy to witness the play, production and performance - a masterly Ray Henwood combines alchemically to emerge as something of great distinction and value."

Lynne Freeman, Capital Times.
"This is one of Ray Henwood's best performances of recent years...a charming, moving, fascinating insight into the personality of a legend."

Colin Rose, The Sun-Herald.
"Henwood's performance is solid, powerful and crystal clear... Mark Jenkins has a poetic theory... that Burton made a Faustian deal with Hollywood, selling his stage actor's career for loads of money, and the devil's share, the torture of appearing in so many crap movies... Dramatically speaking this theory has much to recommend it. Ray Henwood is allowed a witty and dignified performance, rather than playing a sullen old soak..."

Stehen Dunne, The Sydney Morning Herald.
"...This literate,insightful and very entertaining play is a rich collection of literary allusions, quotes and references... Henwood's strong performance isn't impersonation but rather it captures (Burton's) passion, his charm and his skills as a yarn-spinner. It's a very watchable and beguiling piece of work. Watching Burton is time well spent - for the text and the performance, but mostly for the long dying of the light and his articulate rage against it."

The play now moves on to Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.
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