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Clwyd Theatr Cymru's plans for Cardiff     

A report on the speaches made after the performance of Oh What a Lovely War! at the New Theatre in Cardiff


After the show ( Oh W. A. L. WAR) there was a reception for the company, co-hosted I believe by the WDA. In attendance were:Peter Tyndal, head of Arts Council, Culture Minister Jenny Randerson, Councillor Marion Drake, Tom Middlehurst, and many others and of course Tim Baker and Terry Hands of CTC

Terry made a fulsome speech, thanking New Theatre and all supporters, especially Jenny Randerson and all those named above, and then offering to bring first class theatre to Cardiff all year round.

He pointed out that all preliminary work/ plans had been done to secure the Ebeneezer Chapel building situated behind Marks and Sparks in Cardiff City Centre.

The speech was quite a long one, very frank/blunt, and basically said when are you going to give us the money to come to Cardiff.

Next, up jumped Jenny Randerson, who admitted that she too believed that Cardiff deserved a national theatre of the calibre (or should that be spending capacity?) of the CTC and really hoped that they - Clwyd Theatre - would soon be based in Cardiff. We were left in no doubt as to where her intentions lay.

Not to be out done, Marion Drake hove into view, claiming to speak on behalf of the Mayor as well as herself. She simply could not wait to bring Clwyd's theatre company to Cardiff and claim it as her/the lord mayor's own.

It seemed as though she was going to present Terry with a cheque then and there. again, the language was plain and UNAMBIGUOUS.

These people, who hold the power, have already decided that Clwyd's theatre is to become Cardiff's theatre, and will be known as the National Theatre of Wales.

So let us not campaign, the job is done. let us not ask any more questions - the decision has been made. it is as simple as that.

All cardiff city copuncil and the 'MAYOR' have to do is work out how they can afford it when they are cutting everybody else (or offering standstill if they are lucky)
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