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where the sky begins: Fan Yma & Aberystwyth Arts Centre     

A site specific performance at
(the newly commissioned public sculpture by Mark Pimlott outside the Aberystwyth Arts Centre)

Thursday 25 September: 2:00 p.m. & 6:15 p.m.
Friday 26 and Saturday 27 September: 6:15 p.m.
Tickets available through the Arts Centre box office. Phone: 01970 623232
£3 and £6

where the sky begins is a site specific dance/theatre piece created collaboratively by the members of Fan Yma, a locally-based company with performers from Wales, Ireland and England. Sound (an original score is transmitted to the audience through personal headsets) and movement are two of the three main elements of this piece. The third are the spectators themselves, whether 'official' audience or casual passersby. All these unite as alliances and constellations shift and transform. The audience is integrally involved as they move between three viewing areas, including La Scala itself. Spectator or spectated, who is (or has been) watching who?

"I found a diamond staircase, its multifacets reduced to the vertical and horizontal in perpendicular relationship. The carvers of this stairway died after their lifetime's work. They would have gladly cuddled cast concrete." Fergus Byrne, performer.

The sound and movement 'text' of where the sky begins originated in personal responses of the members of Fan Yma to the architecture of La Scala (a 20 foot high set of steps into open sky) and to its setting: the pre-existing plaza into which the sculpture is inserted; the surrounding and underlying landscape of hills, sky and sea; and observation of the everyday patterns of use and movement animating the site. "Pieces of glass…this rose petal, that cigarette butt, those words" (Deborah Procter, performer). The company found an exposed ramp; a place to hide; the stairway as passage between earth and sky, the everyday and the divine.

The matinee on Thursday 25 September is targeted for young people (ages 16-25). Two half-day workshops for this age group, run by the members of Fan Yma, will take place during the rehearsal/performance period (1 – 28 September).

Fan Yma was founded by Ailsa Richardson, who conceived of and directed where the sky begins. Co-devisers and performers for this project are Fergus Byrne, Ian Morgan, Deborah Procter and Mel Shearsmith. Soundtrack and original music were composed and created by Peter Pavli and Nick Jones. Sound Transmission by BRONGLAIS RADIO. Production manager is Cathi Piquemal. Publicity photos by Abi Evans.
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