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“Lucy is a Powerhouse. She Can Do It All”: Lucy Rivers in Conversation

Radio Arts Feature

Chippy Lane , Chippy Lane Podcasts , October 22, 2018
Radio Arts Feature by Chippy Lane Reviewers have limited uses. One is that they are supposed to know the right words to use at the right time. So the best word to use on the ability of the arts in Wales to project themselves is hopeless. This is applied in a broad brush way and is not applicable to the skilled communicators, the most outstanding of whom is an exemplar not only in Wales but stands alongside the very best in Britain.

There is nothing new in this. Planet published an article in the last century by David Adams titled “Our Failure to Promote Welsh Theatre.”

2018 is turning out to be the most surprising of years for Wales' theatre. One aspect is the role played by the new arrivals.

All praise to Chippy Lane not just for filling Theatre 503 now and then but for broadcasting these lively features, delivered in a fresh and spontaneous manner.

The introduction is comprehensive: Unicorn, Arcola, Sherman, fiddle and other instruments, capoeira, “My Name is Sue”, “Bloody Ballad”, 2013 the founding of Gagglebabble, Radio 4, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Clean Break and the RSC.

The conversation is not as polemical as that with Tim Price. These are selected moments- but listen to the whole thing.

The conversation at 13:57 lands on the deficiencies of reviewers. In defence of Theatre-Wales the reviews have never moaned that they could not categorise Gagglebabble.

20:50: “We have all the talent here.”

21:19: “The older I get, the more I feel responsible to pull in younger people, to put something back in, all that stuff you get really aware of when you get older. I have had great success with Arts Council of Wales which is brilliant.”

30:47: Anxiety about the future, the loss of EU funding. “Relying on Westminster really worrying.” Jordan Bernarde goes for optimism: “among austerity people become more creative.”

32:44: Jordan Bernarde- “I have to be careful how I word this” and following.

32:55: “WMC has a brilliant business model.”

Credits: hosted by Jordan Bernarde & Emma-Jane Goodwin, producer Rebecca Jade Hammond, music by Grand Tradition, introduction by Hannah McPake, recorded at Radio Platfform, Wales Millennium Centre


Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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