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Saturday Review , Theatr Clywd & NT “Home, I'm Darling” , February 13, 2019
Radio Arts Feature by Saturday Review A strong script has an elusiveness to it, in that it can never be quite pinned down. Henry Hitchings, a critic of high insight, saw Laura Wade's play as being about the masks we wear to get by. The radio discussion touched on that theme but intriguingly circled around others as well.

The review starts at 20:30 with the voices of Richard Harrington and Katherine Parkinson in the absurdly parodic opening scene. It is mandatory listening with its banter and joint chuckling.

The new elements in the critical reception for the play are

22:30: The comparison is made with “Posh” and a political meaning seen in its successor. “The way that people are protecting themselves against the future by their cultural choices...She captures very well the way that people may protect themselves against the future by anchoring themselves in the past.”

24:00: “Cleverness and ambiguity...It's also about a woman's choice. She says it's feminist. ”

25:00: “A play about how we all need to believe things that aren't true in order to get by...the human desire to fit the world so it better complements your personality rather than the other way round. Gone into so well.”

26:00: “All successful marriages involve a certain fantasy, a make-believe about what's happening.”

26:50: The seamy side of the 1950s. “It's the West End doing what the West End is doing a lot of these days whiich is to say “you're coming in as a citizen not just a good night out so let's explore some of this stuff.”

27:40: “The line “I was embarrassed to exist” and the whole audience went quiet at the shock of that short sentence.”

28:00: The way that distance creeps up slowly.

“Home, I'm Darling” returns to Theatr Clywd 30th April-4th May. BBC announcers are fastidious about the pronunciation of foreign names. “Clywd” is rhymed with “would.”

Discussion and scene extract at:

Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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