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Cardiff Passion at Chapter     

This Friday is the opening night of Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005, a city-wide celebration involving seven venues and over 100 performances by companies who hail from Cardiff, the UK and across the world, as well as chances to get involved yourself.  Theatre listings below give you a taste of what is happening at Chapter over the next couple of weeks but for more details and to see what is happing at the other venues check out <>
The festival kicks off on Friday with Alan Osborne's new play Slaughter at Grand Avenue in a script-in-hand performance here at Chapter, while Music Theatre Wales present a new production of Michael Tippett's opera The Knot Garden at the New Theatre and Llanover Hall Youth Theatre use circus, mime and masks in their exciting new show Hummadruz.  Later in the evening, come and join us at Chapter for the Passion opening night party, a free event in Chapter bar with a performance from the Trinidad Blue Devils.
As part of the festival, Chapter are very proud to present the first full stage production of Mother Tongue, an exciting new play by Roger Williams, directed by our very own theatre programmer James Tyson and performed by an international cast which hails from as far afield as Polynesia and New Zealand.  This promises to be one of the highlights of the festival so book now to avoid disappointment.
And remember ... be Passionate!!!

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Fri 8-Sun 31 July    Gwe 8-Sul 31 Gorff
Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005
We are delighted to present the first Passion: Cardiff City of Drama Festival from 8-31 July, as part of the city’s 2005 centenary celebrations. Be thrilled by the host of Cardiff’s most dynamic theatre groups performing across the city with special participatory events and international guests. Look for the dedicated brochure with full details of the festival programme. For full Passion details go to <javascript:ol('');>

Fri 8 July  8pm  Gwe 8 Gorff  Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005
Slaughter on Grand Avenue   by Alan Osborne
A staged script-held performance of this new epic, visionary drama by one of Wales most significant playwrights. Set on the famous street that runs through the Cardiff district of Ely, Slaughter on Grand Avenue follows a group of characters including a rapper, a model and a poet living a raw life mixing dreams and ambitions with violence and murder. Osborne likens this latest work to a Greek tragedy in which "characters are caught up and impelled forward not knowing the outcome of their desires."

Fri 8 July  9pm  Gwe 8 Gorff  Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005
Trinidad Blue Devils
SWICA presents an up-front Caribbean-inspired dynamic drum and dance performance based on the traditional character of the Blue Devil from the Trinidad MAS carnival.. a duo of blue body- painted, horned and tailed, pitchfork-wielding Devils will tax you - literally - so make sure you have loose change on you to pay de Devil fuh to buy bread !
FREE (in the cafebar and patio) <>
Sat 9 + Sun 10 July  8pm  Sad 9 + Sul 10 Gorff  Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005
Vita Mia  written and directed by Emma Dante
Vita Mia is a crazy and desperate attempt to delay, to the limits of endurance, the last race before death. Set in the timeless south of Italy, Emma Dante’s extraordinary drama tells the story of a mother and her three sons in the last throes of a funeral wake. Exhilarating, lyrical and captivating, Vita Mia is performed in Sicilian dialect, with English surtitles, and a dance of movements and gestures that breaks through all language.

Mon 11 - Wed 13 July  9pm  Llun 11 - Mer 13 Gorff  Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005
Cabaret Whales' Summer Camp
From Las Vegas to Cardiff, Fishguard’s finest cabaret act is back with a new show that’ll have you weeping with laughter. A lecherous Salsa dance instructor, a sexually transmitted disease and a prison packed full of lesbian inmates, it’s just another day in the warped world of Cabaret Whales. A witty, irreverent, musical adventure.

Wed 13 - Sat 23 July  8pm  Mer 13 - Sad 23 Gorff  (excl. Sun/Sul)  Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005
Mother Tongue  by Roger Williams
"Every two weeks one of the world’s languages dies."
Four international experts converge at a luxurious Cardiff hotel to each bid to save a language on the verge of extinction. As personalities clash and opposites attract, the decision on which language should be saved becomes impossible to make. A comic drama unfolds that captures both heart and mind.
Mother Tongue is the first full-length play by Roger Williams since previous hits including Killing Kangaroos, Gulp, Saturday Night Forever, and the BAFTA nominated TV drama Tales from Pleasure Beach. Mother Tongue is directed by Chapter’s Theatre Programmer, James Tyson with a strong international cast including Sharon Morgan, Stephen Marzella, Victor Rodger from Polynesia and Sandra Kelly from Western Australia.

Thu 14 - Sat 16 July  9pm  Iau 14 - Sad 16 Gorff  Passion: Cardiff City of Drama 2005
Someone Else's Rainbow  performed by Alex Alderton, written and directed by Sam Boardman-Jacobs, musical director Tony Brown
A one woman play first performed over a decade ago, based on the life of Alice Dell, an MGM stand-in during the glory days of the Hollywood studios, who through drink and music, follows the life of her idol, Judy Garland.
" compulsive viewing: powerful, sure-footed and beautifully modulated" – The Stage
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