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John Rowley scoops major Arts Council creative wales award     

John Rowley scoops major Arts Council creative wales award Creative Wales Awards give artists freedom, space and time to develop their skills and creativity.

Funded by The Arts Council of Wales, Creative Wales Awards of up to £25,000 are available every year, and in 2007/08, 16 artists will receive a total of £300,000. The Awards guarantee artists a livelihood, enabling them to take time out to experiment, innovate, and take forward their work. It's a chance to think, to branch out, to take risks - room to breathe.

“Invading the Frame”

After studying fine art and acting John came to Cardiff in 1990 to work with the performance company, Brith Gof. For seven years he worked on all their major works including Pax, Los Angeles, DOA and Prydain. Since 2001 he has been an associate performer with the highly-acclaimed Sheffield-based experimental theatre company, Forced Entertainment. In addition he has made several award-winning short films including those for Channel 4 and BBC Wales. John has also worked in mainstream television, appearing in soap operas, comedy dramas and commercials. With former Brith Gof colleague Richard Huw Morgan, he is co-director of the performance company Good Cop Bad Cop. His most recent work, the video portrait piece Do Something/Do Nothing (funded by the Arts Council of Wales) was premiered at this year’s Experimentica Festival at Chapter Arts Centre.

John’s Creative Wales project will involve a period of research, observation and experimentation into how pictures are constructed within the areas of film and theatre production. He will look beyond the “frame” of these carefully managed compositions in order to study the technologies and mechanical processes employed in producing “alternative” or “other” realities, especially those activities which take place offstage or off-camera and which are therefore generally hidden from the viewer to maintain the necessary suspension of belief. Examples are special effects, lighting, make-up, scenic construction and art direction. He aims to build up a new “kit of parts” and vocabulary which will inspire and be incorporated into his practice, forming a foundation for future lens, time-based and multi-disciplinary works.
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