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Stone City Blue First presented in 2004
by Clwyd Theatr Cymru

Winter in a city. Berlin, Paris, Cardiff, Antwerp

It could be anywhere

For the lovers, the losers, the lost and the beautiful the journey into night is just beginning.

The streets are alive, restless, expectant, something will happen, must happen

He knows this and so does she

Hes in a hotel room, anonymous, functional, corporate

She, somewhere in the city, checking her face in a compact

She is alone; hes waiting

The name on the passport isnt his and neither is the ring on her finger

Hes a lost dog

Shes a stray dog

A stranger

A poet

A drunk

A whore

Four voices

One city

Together till dawn

The end of the story?

Or just the beginning?

Stone City Blue is a new play by Ed Thomas whose previous plays include Gas Station Angel, Song From A Forgotten City and House of America, which he also directed as a feature film.

Rain Dogs First presented in 2002
by Pearson Brookes

Two men in a room; twenty monologues recorded on video; improvised texts and a live mix of the lot supervised by a visual artist. It doesn't sound like the terrain usually associated with Welsh playwright Ed Thomas, but that's what's he's exploring this month in the company of Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes.

A new media performance assembling texts, films and telling stories played out in the city. Performed live by Mike Pearson and Ed Thomas with a cast of 10 actors on film.

Texts, films, narratives and stories played out in the city.

Performed in Cardiff , November 2002

East from the Gantry First presented in 2000
by Steel Wasp Theatre Co

A performance of Ed Thomas's surreal play about memory, identity and reconciliation set in a snow-covered landscape by one of Wales's newest up and coming theatre companies.

Gas Station Angel First presented in 1998
by Y Cwmni

Bron is a babe who drives a blue Marina. Ace is her guy but his house has fallen into the sea. His mother believes in fairies, her mother wants her missing son Bri back. Two families and one secret, blown apart in 16 hours 48 minutes of a Saturday night.

In 1998, in co-production with the Royal Court Theatre, Gas Station Angel opened at the Ambassadors Theatre, London, before touring the UK, Brussels, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Y Folsen Fawr First presented in 1998
by Bara Caws
Oedolion yn Unig First presented in 1998
by Bara Caws

Highly acclaimed one-man show. Toured Wales in 1998-99.

Presented by Dyfed Thomas, playing seven completely different characters  over a period of 90 minutes.
Received standing ovations at every venue

Song From a Forgotten City First presented in 1995
by Fiction Factory

One man's journey into the heart of the imagination, to a metropolis where love, sex, revenge and murder play a deadly part in the soul of a lost nation.

Barclays NEW STAGES Award 1995

First performed in Chapter Arts Centre by Y Cwmni on 14th February, 1995. Show ran for two weeks, each performance sold out, before transferring to further venues. Actors were Russell Gomer, Richard Lynch and Dorian Thomas.

Piece was played in Royal Court Theatre, London as well as in Bucharest, May 1995 and at the Bonn Biannual Theatre Festival in June 1996

Hiraeth / Stangers in Conversation First presented in 1994
by Fiction Factory

Bilingual installation project with artist Iwan Bala, Oriel Art Gallery, Cardiff.

Flowers First presented in 1994
by Music Theatre Wales

Based on Ed Thomas's own play 'Flowers of the Dead Red Sea'

Envy First presented in 1993
by Fiction Factory

50 minute monologue.
UK Tour.

Flowers of the Dead Red Sea First presented in 1991
by Y Cwmni

Premiered at the Tramway, Glasgow.
UK & European tours.
Venue Magazine Play of the Year.
Produced by BBC Radio 3 Drama Now series (1992). Operatic adaptation "Flowers" by Music Theatre Wales.

The Myth of Michael Roderick First presented in 1990
by Y Cwmni

Adapted from Ed Thomas' Welsh language play "ADAR HEB ADENYDD".

House of America First presented in 1989
by Y Cwmni

A South Wales family dominated by a mother's secret, a missing father, Jack Kerouac and the American Dream..

A father leaves his family for the American mid-West. A mother keeps a secret and kills a cat called Brando. A brother and a sister go on the road with bourbon and benzedrine in search of Jack Kerouac...

This is Wales. This is the Lewis family. This is the House of America. Wrong town... wrong dream.

Time Out / 01 For London BEST NEW PLAY award 1989

35mm feature film released October 1997 by First Independent Films Ltd
Produced by British Screen and September Films.

Adar Heb Adennydd First presented in
by Y Cwmni
East from the Gantry First presented in
by Y Cwmni

Surreal play about memory, identity and reconciliation set in a snow-covered landscape

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