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On Criticism & Critics

A Critical Retrospective , 2011-2021: A Decade of Commentary , February 10, 2022
On Criticism & Critics by A Critical  Retrospective When the break in performance began on Boxing Day its length and duration were not known. It lasted five weeks.

Happily tours are in prospect, although not for this month. It is a time of hiatus before a review can appear. It is thus a time for retrospection.

There are some good jokes and quips about critics. Fun and mockery are good and clear the air. But strong directors like critics.

Kate Wasserberg: "Whether they like my show or not, to feel a critic has truly “seen” my work is very valuable to me."

Rachel O'Riordan: "Critics are important. What we expect of them is to be able to judge each piece of work on merit, in context and without bias...The really important thing to remember is that critics are writing for audiences; so they are an interpreter of the work they see for them- not for you. As a director, it can be easy to forget that."

Erica Eirian: ““I expect critics to come to our work with open minds and a discerning eye and to respond to our work with constructive, insightful judgements rooted in knowledge and experience expressed with lucidity in reviews which give aesthetic pleasure to the reader.

“The critic’s responsibility is to the audience, not to the artist. As a director I expect more than a free marketing tool and more than just a personal opinion. I expect well written, informed, considered and honest reviews which place our work in a context and provoke thought and debate around our work. Only if we have a robust critical culture can we expect a robust theatre culture.”

All from "What directors expect from critics" 19 December 2018

* * * *

From cinema Martin Scorsese: "He never just described what was on screen, but provided the whole background, reading into the director's intention and so forth…. Whenever I read Philip French's elegant and thoughtful criticism, I felt like I was in the company of someone who not only loved cinema but who felt a sense of responsibility toward it as an art's nice to be appreciated. But it's genuinely heartening, and rare, to be understood.”

From the retirement of Philip French 29th August 2013

* * * *

Critical language needs to be pertinent and direct.

“If the language we use to describe the arts doesn’t really resonate with the public we are trying to engage, then all attempts by the arts to reimagine the role of culture in society will have little traction. Why should people be interested in something that’s dressed up in a language they don’t find easy to understand?”

From "Critical Courage Required" 24th February 2021

* * * *

“Criticism”, at least in the view of Scott, “far from sapping the vitality of art, is instead what supplies its lifeblood.” It is “not an enemy from which art must be defended, but rather another name-the proper name- for the defence of art itself.”

From A O Scott “Better Living Through Criticism”17 December 2018

* * * *

"Critics move across four levels. They home in on the detail. They know their aesthetics intimately, confident in their judgements on form, content, meaning, expression. They have facts at their finger-tips: the life, love, money, or the lack of both, the context of history, the critical climate. And they yoke the first three to personal response. Jejune critical writing, that is swamped with the words “I” and “me”, makes a categorical error, that the subjective takes first place."

From seeing Simon Schama 1st June 2019

* * * *

On criticism in Wales

Dai Smith “Public Intellectuals have, too often, been seen as Public Inconveniences in Wales. By which I mean that we are often frightened or cowed into silence by the cosy nonsense that promotes the Idea of Team Wales or attempts to issue Brand Identities centred on spurious notions of Celticism or hands out badges for linguistic Good Behaviour.

“Cultural criticism would be a threat, an exposure of the comfort Welsh blanket with which we are so ready to drape ourselves, all cwtched-up and myopic in the hold-tight, don’t-let-go arms of Mam. I think there are, indeed, cultural reasons for our relative impoverishment...a lack of such essential figures, as Cultural Critics or Public Intellectuals, to a country’s well-being as a functioning Democracy in a broader sense.”

* * * *

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Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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