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ImMortal 2

No Fit State Circus , Edinburgh Festival 2005 , August 14, 2005
In ImMortal2- Nofit State Circus’s impressive sequel to ImMortal….Coming Out Alive- the audience is ushered into the heart of the new circus specialists’ wee big top on Leith Walk. This is a promenade performance: invisible barriers between audience and performer obliterated as talented trapeze and tightrope walkers whirl and teeter above our heads and mingle with the throng. The latest from this smaller, more human Cirque du Soliel is set in “the Slaughterhouse”. Not as grisly as it sounds this is simply a state of limbo between death and the afterlife: a place where “innocence is either lost or found”.

Populated by a cast of eccentric characters, from wide eyed bathing belles to a demented barber and feral urchins, it is a place where anything can happen and earthly rules do not apply. Less circus show, more parallel universe: this is a dizzying, intoxicating experience that puts ordinary theatre in the shade.

Reviewed by: Elli Carr (Herald on Sunday)

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