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At NoFit State

NoFit State Circus- ImMortal , Swansea , August 25, 2004
Join the circus for unique show.

There should be a bin outside the futuristic Big Top currently dominating Pembroke Dock’s skyline, labelled ‘Leave Your Preconceptions Here!” for inside is circus as you have never seen it before. Despite the high-tech appearance of the tent, NoFit State Circus offers up a strangely nostalgic show – interweaving circus skills with dance, drama and music.

It is labelled a promenade performance – i.e. the performers strut their stuff among the members of the audience who wander around the interior of the Big Top following the action.

Audience members were heard to comment on how different this show is to anyone’s idea of conventional circus: “It’s a bit unique,” said one. You might argue with the semantics –but the sentiment is spot on. ImMortal is a loosely connected selection of comment on the human condition, played out using every type of performance art available. It has echoes of a Dylan Thomas play for voices, and, with the action coming at you from every direction, is also reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge. It has a fin de siecle feel about it, filled with a turn-of-the-century decadence populated with Edwardian music hall characters like the moustached strong man and the corseted trapeze artist.

There is no arguing with the level of skill and commitment on display; all are consummate performers in a wide range of disciplines.

The evening is taken over in a whirl of light, colour and noise………… the audience members don’t merely observe, but are an integral per of this interactive show.

But don’t worry that doesn’t mean you will be called upon to walk a high wire; instead you will provide the means for the performers to weave their story around you.

If your idea of circus is tawdry glitz and poodles with ruffs on - you won’t find it at NoFit State. What you will find is passion and powerful performances in this innovative contemporary circus that should ensure a future for this traditional artform into another millennium. NoFit State Circus will continue with evening performances at 7.30pm until August 30th, with 3pm matinees at weekends. Contact the box office on 0870 126 1771. for tickets.

Reviewed by: Fiona Phillips

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