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An achingly beautiful two hours of circus performance


Nofit State Circus , The Roundhouse London , April 3, 2009
Tabu by Nofit State Circus With Tabu, UK circus grows up. It's the followup show from Wales-based Nofitstate, whose Immortal, from 2004, was a real breakthrough. Inspired by Gabriel García Márquez's novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, Tabu takes the theme of fear and anxiety and turns it into an achingly beautiful two hours of circus performance, in which idea and form seem perfectly matched. A young woman appears to have a nervous breakdown on a trapeze, but eventually swings wildly through the air; a man falls down a rope to what appears to be certain death, but is actually sensuous abandon; a woman teeters across a tightrope in high heels, an act of absurd optimism in a cruel world.

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Reviewed by: The Guardian

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