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No Fit State Circus , Stockton on Tees , August 3, 2004
If like me, youíre left cold by traditional circus with its baggy trousers and unfunny slapstick, then itís time to rejoice.

Designer circus with a twist has landed in a silver spaceship of a Big Top, right in the middle of Stockton-on-Tees.

Hurrah for Stockton Riverside Festival doing what it does best Ė bringing spectacular entertainment to shock, delight, inspire and even confuse.

All of which, this production of Immortal will do for you.

There are no seats in this Big Top. Stand and follow the performers Ė get up close and personal with MR and MS Trapeze and their talented family.

This is circus meets theatre and it will blow you away. Itís carefully choreographed chaos that whams your senses at every turn and is hugely entertaining.

To your right and someoneís coming at you with a Silver Cross pram, to the left spewing fire!

Behind thereís a magnificent band blasting jazzy salsa sounds, while 50ft above you a bride spins by the tiniest strap around her neck. Itís breathtaking stuff from a hugely talented bunch of performers which also uses video, sound and lighting technology to great effect.

Awesome is such an overused word these days but itís well and truly deserved to describe the breathtaking skills of the acrobats. Teesiders, you-re lucky to have this performance in your midst.

Reviewed by: Kathryn Armstrong , Evening gazette, Teeside

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