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No Fit State Circus , Edinburgh Fringe 2005 , August 18, 2005
To watch ImMortal2 in its entirety would require a thousand pairs of eyes. In its purpose-built big top, NoFit State Circus fills every nook and cranny with its chaotic carnival. Twirling above, through and around the audience, the circus soon has us giddy with the effort to keep up.

As the curtain raises and we enter the slaughterhouse, it is quickly apparent that the animal carcasses have been replaced by a different kind of hanging flesh. In this weightless limbo, guardian angel William greets the recently dead, asking them to look at life to rediscover their moments of happiness – the fragments that define and shape who we are as human beings.

Eilish (Lyn Routledge) soars over us gasping ‘Is this what dying is like?’ And so the celebration begins. Writer and director Firenza Guidi’s latest show is a eulogy to life that revels in the quirky and doesn’t forget to rejoice in the trivial.

One of NoFit State’s achievements is its illusion of mayhem. It’s easy to forget that behind the stumbling and blundering lies perfectly honed choreography and a technically brilliant show. And it is in this apparent simplicity that we see it at its most stunning. A couple hang from a rope above, twisting and dropping in a beautiful visualisation of the bonds that hold people together – both fragile and immensely powerful.

And just as you think you’ve seen NoFit State at its most gravity defying, the performers whip you round the ankles and flatten you once more with their perfect balance. It’s enough to remind us why people once dreamed of running away to the circus.

Reviewed by: Corrie Mills - The Edinburgh Metro

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