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No Fit State Circus , Edinburgh Fringe 2005 , August 23, 2005
When the word circus is bandied about people automatically think of a big top filled with elephants, lions or not-so-funny-but-actually-really-scary-clowns but the NoFit State Circus is very different. As well as featuring none of the above, they have done away with seats and instead have an open-plan stage where, as the accordion player tells the audience right at the start of the show, performers will come left and right, amongst us and above us.

There are, at all times, performers everywhere dancing and shouting, running from one place to the other, moving the audience to one side or another. There are people swimming above the spectator’s heads, cloaked men and women who swing themselves around ropes that extend from the ceiling to the floor, a woman who twirls more than 20 hula-hoops around her body and even a man who walks up a lamppost and then executes some of the most spectacular acts of acrobatics you will ever see. It’s all very frenetic and intense, yet they never even break a sweat!

In this updated show, NoFit State takes you on a trip to dreamland, populated by beautiful and talented crazies and freaks, where anything can be and is possible. There’s a bride with a huge wedding dress that flies into the sky, a tree full of food, wine and animal heads… There is magic left to right, up and down, around you and inside you.

Five minutes into the show, your jaw falls to the floor in awe and you never get close to closing it till the end of it all. Welcome, then, to ImMortal2.

Reviewed by: Adrian G. Velazquez,

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