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No Fit State Circus , Edinburgh Fringe 2005 , August 19, 2005
Watching Immortal2 is about as close to being in a fringe show as you will get without being a performer. Forget polite clapping and a safe distance between you and the stage. Instead there is open-mouthed gawping and gasps of amazement as the acrobats of Cardiff’s NoFit State Circus spin, twirl and fly perilously above our heads.

This latest show from the contemporary circus people is a promenade performance. But this is no idle stroll round musty exhibits. As we mingle in the foyer, we are joined by a cast of eccentrics: a demented barber, a Hollywood siren, an accordian player called Rudy. The show has begun. Rudy, leader of the brilliantly ramshackle band, leads us through the curtains, into the heart of the Big Top. This, we are told, is the slaughter house: a state of limbo between death and the afterlife, a place where anything can happen.

Everywhere you look – and some places where you don’t – a performance is taking place. Circling the space are scaffolds where children frolic. A woman rams a fruit filled pram through the crowd, gossiping as she goes goes. Bathing belles are on the trapeze; punk ballerinas are on bungees. They appear from nowhere, disappearing as fast. This is not circus; it’s a parallel world.

Reviewed by: Ellie Carr - The List

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