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At Theatr Clwyd

Salt, Root and Roe , Theatr Clwyd , May 5, 2013
At Theatr Clwyd by Salt, Root and Roe Last year, Clwyd Theatr Cymru introduced a Celtic Festival which included plays from Wales, Scotland and Ireland. This year sees a much expanded programme which includes music, dance, film and play readings.

The theatre's own major contribution is the first Welsh production of Tim Price's Salt, Root and Roe. This is a skilful melding of the everyday problems of growing old and the poetic longings for something different.

Set on the Pembrokeshire coast it features a pair of female twins, Anest and Iola, with Iola beginning to show signs of forgetfulness. Sara Harris-Davies never allows Iola's mood swings to become melodramatic, she has an air or reasonableness which makes some of her later behaviour all the more shocking. Matching her all the way is Betsan Llwyd in the less showy but equally powerful role of Anest. The two, in identical red coats and wellingtons, exude twin-ship. The joint body language is at times breathtaking and there is a palpable feeling of two bodies being one person albeit with two very different personalities.

Catrin Aaron and Brendan Charleson play the two younger people who try to help whilst fighting with the demons in their own lives.

Kate Wasserberg's direction, together with the music, the sound, the set and the costumes, conjures up the feeling of the sea and the sky dominating the sisters' lives. It's a moving, often funny, quietly powerful play that gets a magical production.

Reviewed by: Victor Hallett

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