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See if you can guess the reason that Sleeping Beauty in a Rock panto has to be called Susie.

Sleeping Beauty. The Rock 'n' Roll Panto

Theatr Clwyd , Theatr Clwyd, Mold. , December-05-17
Sleeping Beauty. The Rock 'n' Roll Panto by Theatr Clwyd There are things you should know before going to see Mold's Rock'n'Roll panto. You will get wet or at least mildly damp. As you walk in you will see an enchanting crowd of large bubbles descending from the ceiling. When you take your seat some of them will burst on your head. And when King Camelot and Nurse Trott decide to feed the babies, even sitting near the back won't save you from the spray.

It's loud. Well this is rock'n'roll and, even if it's not turned up to 11, the decibels are distinctly noticeable.

The interval lasts for 100 years, even though it only seems like 15 minutes.

Oh yes, and this bright, colourful panto is enormous fun and completely suitable for the whole family, from young to old.

The energetic company throw themselves wholly into the spirit of it all, playing multiple instruments (including a Celtic harp), singing and flinging themselves about with abandon.

Lynwen Haf Roberts is a standout as wicked fairy Morgana, elegant and hissable. David Heywood is equally wicked as her petulant and preening son, Mordred.

Good is represented winningly by Zoe West as Fairy Fanciful but her thunder is stolen by her apprentice, Frederica, deliciously played by Emmy Stonelake.

Rowan Talbot is splendidly silly as the King while Sean McKenzie is a fine Dame showing off an outrageous collection of dresses.

The central romance is beautifully handled by James Ifan as Simon Steadfast and Elian West as Princess Susie. Now see if you can guess the reason that Sleeping Beauty in a Rock panto has to be called Susie.

It's a grand and glorious mid-winter entertainment.

Reviewed by: Victor Hallett

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