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A very good version of a magnificent novel.

At Theatr Clwyd

Theatr Clwyd & Sherman Theatre- Lord of The Flies , Theatr Clwyd , September 29, 2018
At Theatr Clwyd by Theatr Clwyd & Sherman Theatre- Lord of The Flies Thanks to some complicated transport problems I reached the auditorium door at the precise moment this was due to start. As I slipped through, the lights went down and the air was filled with the sound of a catastrophic aeroplane crash. This was merely the first of Philip Stewart's subtle, but very effective, sound compositions. This isle is indeed full of strange noises.

As the school pupils slowly gather on the beach under the lea of the island's hills, design by James Perkins, we too experience what an unnerving place this is, part playground but also mysterious and frightening.

Here are all the familiar names from William Golding's novel but all played by young women. Any questions I had about that vanished right at the start when Ralph and Piggy meet. Gina Fillingham is as perfect a Piggy as you could find, earnest, shy, desperate to keep her spectacles and frantic to stop the others making mistakes.

Lola Adaja is a fine voice of reason as Ralph, voted leader but who soon finds herself confronted by choir prefect Jack. Kate Lamb is ferocious in the role, wanting leadership and action, her fascist tendencies showing themselves early on and soon leading to destructive violence.

Emma Jordan's direction keeps things moving at a ferocious pace and with an excellent use of the set's levels. The whole cast make the disintegration of society believable, the rule of law soon giving way to destructive violence.

Compliments to the on-stage signal fire and to the "beast". All in all, a very good version of a magnificent novel.

Reviewed by: Victor Halett

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