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“A show with a heart, intelligence and a slightly garbled brain”

At Wales Millennium Centre

Carys Eleri & Wales Millennium Centre- Lovecraft (Not the Sexshop in Cardiff) , Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh , August 15, 2018
At Wales Millennium Centre by Carys Eleri & Wales Millennium Centre- Lovecraft (Not the Sexshop in Cardiff) Fact. “Yuri” is Wales' funniest theatre of the decade. How about “Hiraeth”, “Llwyth”, “the Village Social?” runs the cry from the venues across Wales. Amendment. “Yuri” was Chapter's funniest theatre of the decade. Fact.

The point about comedy is that it has to be dead serious underneath. Carys Eleri and the WMC promote the show neatly and nicely:

“Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff) is a one-woman science/comedy/music show. A brutally honest and witty show about the neuroscience of love and loneliness. Drawing from her own experiences, Carys combines smart and ludicrously funny songs (The Love Monger, Space and Time, Tit Montage) with heartfelt tales, taking you on a journey to discover how love works, why it makes us do crazy things and why hugging is the answer. Vivacious and hilarious, BAFTA Cymru nominee Carys brings her much-loved Welsh charm (and oxytocin) to the Fringe in this intelligent show.”

The List was there 5th August

“Lovecraft aims to bring people together by explaining the science of love. This one-woman performance by Carys Eleri promises to explain how understanding the brain can help us tackle loneliness, and fight the growing isolation epidemic. It's a noble idea, and one which is obviously backed-up by a lot of research (there is a reading list handed out!). Like a Brian Cox of love, Eleri's explanation of how the brain works and the chemicals it releases in different love-related situations is insightful, and comforting.”

Bouquets & Brickbats were there 5th August

“Sporting one of the most unforgettable titles of the festival, Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff) is the creation of Carys Eleri. She swaggers into Summerhall’s Red Lecture Theatre from behind the audience, announcing into a microphone that she is the goddess of love and that she is here to spread the word.

...Eleri’s vivacious personality soon wins me over and I start to enjoy her witty and enthusiastically presented songs, which range in style from hip-hop to power ballad and all points in between. It helps that she has a terrific singing voice and the kind of bubbly personality that you can’t help but like.

She promptly takes us on a picaresque journey through her (mostly disastrous) love life. She’s clearly done some research here, concentrating on the science of human attraction. Her subjects include endorphins, neuro-transmitters and dopamine and, if that all sounds a bit technical, don’t worry, because these bits are accompanied by colourful and amusing animations that cleverly illustrate what she’s talking about.

...head up to Summerhall to catch this funny and engaging show. Unless you’re made of stone, you’ll have a really good time.”

Unusually Carys Eleri also received a nice audience response.

“Carys Eleri is a consummate entertainer. Her new show is amazing, blending honest story telling, hilarious original songs and science. It even ends with some great advice. I loved it so much and recommend it 100%. *****”

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Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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