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Another Classic Given The Hijinx Odyssey Treatment".

The Curious Muchness Of Stuff And Nonsense

Hijinx Odyssey Theatre , Weston Studio - Millennium Centre , December 11, 2019
The Curious Muchness Of Stuff And Nonsense  by Hijinx Odyssey Theatre The Curious Muchness Of Stuff And Nonsense - Weston Studio - Millennium Centre 6th December 2019 "Another Classic Given The Hijinx Odyssey Treatment".

For a change I was already feeling a little Christmassy as I entered the auditorium at the Weston studio to watch this year's collaboration between Hijinx theatre and Odyssey. I did wonder if this was production would affect me as much as previous years, but I needn't have worried.

"The Curious Muchness Of Stuff And Nonsense" is Hefin Robinson's version of "Alice In Wonderland" giving director Jon Dafydd-Kidd the opportunity to create a variety of wonderful set-pieces. Having seen a lot of recent versions of Lewis Carroll's classic tale I am now of the opinion that it is one of the greatest pieces of imaginative writing ever.It perfectly compliments the style and talents of the companies involved.

In this show Alys feels she it too grown-up for a children's birthday party and disappears down a magic tunnel which has conveniently appeared. Here she encounters some gloriously beloved characters including the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, The Walrus & The Carpenter etc. She soon comes across an unhappy Tweedle Dum who has lost Dee and together they go in search of her partner and further adventures.

Although Lewis Carroll's prose is near perfect this does nor prevent Hefin Robinson from attempting to , and succeeding improving it. As well as being a heart-warming show it is genuinely funny and I loved a few knowing moments of dialogue eg "messing with the 4th wall" and " we did that last year" etc. It also makes the valid point that perhaps we grow up

too soon and should try and hold onto our childish spirit as long as possible. ( I knew I try


You can tell from the above that I was besotted with the whole show. But more importantly, it wasn't just me, a packed audience had a great time and we all certainly had more fun than those next door watching " Les Miserables".

As well as those mentioned above I must give credit to Telemachus, Woodlands High School as well as Sara Pickard, Gwen Anslow, Sami Thorpe, Matthew Mullins, Simon Richards and Blue Balmforth amongst many others.

I am sorry I haven't named everybody but trust me everyone played their part superbly.

Thank you.

Reviewed by: David and Dan

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