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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , SHERMAN THEATRE , December 10, 2015
At the Sherman by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Well, what a lucky reviewer I am. Last Saturday I was invited to the Weston Studio at the Millenium Centre and was enchanted by the delightful “The Silent Toy “. Three days later I am at the Sherman Theatre to see one of their two Christmas offerings this year, “ The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”.

Oddly, this classic has passed me by ( though I did read it a couple of years ago) but my three companions tonight ( ranging from 11-40 plus) all had a fondness for CS Lewis tale, so we all had different expectations and I am sure most people know the plot revolves around four siblings embarking on wonderful and terrifying adventures after discovering Narnia through a wardrobe.

The strongest recommendation I can give Rachel O’Riordan’s production is that myself and the rest of the audience were engrossed from beginning to end. When I watch children’s shows ( which is quite a lot with friends who have 2 six year old twins) I find the best feedback is just to look out for fidgeting, movement and general noise as children will let you know instantly if they are bored. There was a little too and fro-ing but a lot less than you would have expected in a show that runs just under 2 hours.

This is a credit to the director and all the performers who ensured there was so much happening on stage that you didn’t want to miss anything.

Not only are the cast universally charismatic but they are accomplished singers and musicians bring composer Conor Mitchell’s music and songs impressively to life.

My only criticism of the show was the over-use of voice mikes, which appears to be the trend nowadays. We were fortunate to be close to the front but their strong voices and the technology only combined to deafen us in some of the pieces.

However, as we didn’t lose our hearing permanently I most compliment all concerned on a thoroughly enjoyable pre-Christmas entertainment. The final word must go to my friend who admitted he hadn’t been in Sherman theatre for 20 years but would “return soon if all shows were as good as this”.

I can’t top that.

Reviewed by: David Cox

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