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1999 Olivier Best Play winner "The Weir" by Conor McPherson) at the Sherman Theatre.

At the Sherman

The Weir , Sherman Theatre , October 11, 2016
At the Sherman by The Weir Set in a rural Irish bar we meet the owner Brendan, his regular customers and a newcomer to the area. Having spent some wonderful holidays in Ireland recently I can vouch for the authenticity of the banter, humour and camaraderie of the setting.
Whilst the play itself is lacking in any specific drama the joy of the show comes from the stories provided by the various characters through the course of a real-time evening.

You know a play works when at key moments the entire audience is caught up in events and you can hear the proverbial pin drop.

I am a great fan of plays running without an interval but running straight through for 100 minutes can be a test for a modern audience. It is therefore to everyone's great credit that the vast majority of the audience remained riveted to their seats.

Sadly, from a personal perspective I didn't feel well at the start of the show and I knew it was unlikely I would stay the full course. However, I was really enjoying it and determined to last as long as possible but, unfortunately, my body wasn't so resolute and so with gritted teeth (and other body parts) I edged my way through a packed aisle.

If I hadn't been so absorbed in this play I would have bailed out a lot earlier and I am pleased I lasted long enough to see an astounding piece of acting from Orla Fitzgerald.

All however, is not lost on the reviewing front as my wife stayed on to tell me how it finished and confirm that it remained an excellent play to the end. So, between us we can both thoroughly recommend an excellent evening of old-fashioned wonderful story-telling ( by Conor McPherson), excellently provided by a uniformally excellent cast and good staging.

As the show runs until the 22nd you have plenty of time to get to Sherman and prove you have a better constitution than this reviewer. ( You won't regret it).

Reviewed by: David Cox

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