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Sherman Theatre Company- Little Red Riding Hood , Sherman Theatre , December 9, 2018
At the Sherman by Sherman Theatre Company- Little Red Riding Hood Complementing the excellent production of Alice in Wonderland for older children and grown ups in the main auditorium, this production aimed at the under sevens; a unique retelling of this world-renowned tale totally enchants and captivates its capacity very young audience in the Sherman’s Second Space. Many children sit on the floor, some of them so close to the stage that they almost become part of the action.

We first meet a present day grandma struggling with “spag boll’ in her tiny kitchen, Llinos Daniel relishes in her quirkiness, donning her hard hat and speeding out on her motorbike. We can see clearly why her granddaughter Heti is reluctant to visit her. Leah Gaffey captures the spirit of the awkward young girl perfectly.

It’s not long before Heti puts on the big red cloak with a hood and we are all transported to fairyland. There we meet a scary wolf. The versatile Daniels again, she also allows her wolf a little touch of charm and the young audience are not too worried but are by now drawn deep into the magic of this perfectly told tale.

Red Riding Hood is now searching through the dark forest to visit her Grandma. She meets the wolf and tells her where she is going. The wolf immediately likes the sound and the taste of this grandma. She sends Riding Hood off in the wrong direction so that she can get to her first. But does she? The very helpful Phillip the Squirrel has his eye on her but he is very little.

Red Riding Hood’s grandma’s first appearance is quite a surprise. What happens after this you must get down there with your little ones to find out.

The two actors perfectly complement each other and with their director Gethin Evans the trio have hit on a wonderful way of story telling and delighting their very young audience. I am sure their mums and dads had a good time too.

Continues ‘til 29 Dec.

Reviewed by: Michael Kelligan

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