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Group of Mice Theatre- Matt and Ollie...are Dads , Underbelly, Bristo Square, Edinburgh , August 25, 2018
Wales at Edinburgh Fringe by Group of Mice Theatre- Matt and Ollie...are Dads Performance is for audiences. “The Flop”, “the Dip”, “Sticks and Stones”, “Benny”, among others, are earning excellent audience feedback. But that for Group of Mice has been exceptional for both quantity and content.

It is unusual but a synopsis is deserved for the company as part of the record of Wales at the Fringe 2018. In excerpt:

“We laughed for an hour and really couldn't believe the time went so fast. Brilliant, well done Matt and Ollie for taking father and son problems and making Absurd fun of them!”

“I loved this show. It’s ambitious without being at all pretentious. It is surreal, satirical, silly and a very slick hour of sketch comedy founded in universal truths surrounding father/son relationships.”

“Matt and Ollie make for a lovable comic duo, with shades of Mitchell and Webb and echoes of the Mighty Boosh. It’s hard to be original at the Fringe, but these guys manage it. If you’re looking for something fresh, quirky and clever, but still totally accessible and just plain funny then go and see it!”

“Matt and Ollie do a really great job performing and the whole show is just amazingly entertaining. It's very light comedy with a tick of dark British humor. Definitely something to see if you've got time!”

“Loved Dads so much I saw it twice! The increasingly ludicrous characters will have me chuckling through to next Fringe! Particularly loved the bits of improv that meant seeing the show a second time was just as exciting and unexpected as the first! Laughs from start to finish. Thoroughly recommend seeing Matt and Ollie!”

“This is bloody delightful. It's clever and silly and big-hearted and very funny. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much by the end and I can't imagine anyone not enjoying it.”

“Built up of tiny scenes and narrated by a father and son this play explores generations of Dad's who don't quite get it right. Not one joke went unheard and the script felt fresh. As an audience member I felt like I was in very safe hands with Matt, Ollie and Sarah. An hour of smiles and laughter...exactly what we need in this world at the moment.”

“I laughed far too loudly and had a great time. The writing and props were clever, the actors were charismatic and had natural comic timing, and the venue was contemporary and comfortable. The show is told in a series of stories through history featuring nonsense metaphors (some of them kind of shocking) for modern life and parenthood. It’s one of my favourite shows so far.”

“Laugh out loud funny - Storytelling about Dads through time that is both heartfelt and funny with just the right amount of surrealism. There are so many great characters in it but I'll not put up any spoilers ;) You can tell both guys are having a great time - I'd really recommend going - best thing I've seen at the Fringe (Think I'll go see it again.”

“I've been coming to the fringe for over 10 years and this is without a doubt one of the funniest shows I have seen. It was absolutely hilarious, smart and well performed. Being a Tuesday evening meant it wasn’t anywhere as near as busy as it should have been, but they still gave it 100%. Will be recommending to everyone, and in all honesty I might go and see it again before this year’s run is through!”


Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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