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“It was amazing. I loved it so much!”: Audience Member (Age 9)

Wales at Edinburgh Fringe

Ned and the Whale- Flossy and Boo , The Space @ Symposium Hall , August 12, 2019
Wales at Edinburgh Fringe by Ned and the Whale- Flossy and Boo Performance is for eliciting feeling in audiences. Some have been making public their feelings about “Ned and the Whale.”

Soutra Gilmour, a name to be reckoned with in theatre: “A gorgeous gentle morning with Ned and the whale and my four year old who loved it , has been inspired to get drawing the characters and has been sent off beaming into the busy streets of Edinburgh”

Kirsty: “Saw this with my 4 3/4 year old and we both loved it. It is excellent. It has puppets and music and humour. An intimate show in a tent, but a real gem. It’s really lovely.”

Hannah: “Absolutely LOVED this show! What a great way to spend my morning! The creativity and joy that radiated through the show was wonderful. Every detail was so thought through and beautiful. I will be telling everyone and anyone I can about this show! Loved it!”

Alex: “WOW WOW WOW. Really imaginative and creative show, beautiful singing and very engaging show deserves all the success in the world :) kids will love it and parents will too!! :)

James, who gives his age as 9: “It was amazing I loved it so much! I liked Ned the best, I give it 5 plus lots more stars..”

From Get the Chance

“Ned and the Whale is the story of a nervous boy, obsessed with facts to keep him safe who gets taken into a magical and fanciful world inside a book, meeting exciting and interesting characters, helping each of them along the way, and in turn, they help him to overcome his fears.

“Flossy and Boo bring this story to us in the form of puppetry, recycled props and costumes, musical interludes and comedy...They are little things of beauty, and Anja Conti, (Flossy) and Laura Jeffs-White (Boo) manage to move them with ease and such perfection...they are either other interesting and hilarious characters such as the twins in a cave obsessed with slime and parties with rocks, or a stranded pirate, missing his disappeared crew. Each character is fully formed, well thought out and with their own clever unique qualities. This isn’t Flossy and Boo, this IS the pirate, this IS the twins.

“Ned and The Whale is a triumph of a production; fun, comical and magical, it still manages to teach us vital lessons of life and we leave the tent they are in, smiling and elated.”

"The children in the audience are all completely won over...The lack of a distinct boundary between performers and audience means that it feels like a genuinely collaborative space. Audience members are invited to give suggestions, and allowed to be present in Ned’s world, even if that means collectively playing a selection of rocks.

“The creativity of this show is obvious, but it’s also clear how well Anja Conti and Laura Jeffs (who make up Flossy and Boo) understand their very young target audience. Unexpected contributions from very small audience members are more than welcome; moreover, they just become a part of the story. It’s really refreshing to see a theatre environment where children’s needs are genuinely taken into account, and the experience is shaped around them. The cast took the time to stress that it’s fine to move around or to come in and out, which can make all the difference for younger children and their families.”

From Critically Speaking

“In amongst the 50-odd shows connected to Wales this year, Flossy and Boo’s tale of courage and adventure is a refreshing change of pace at the Edinburgh Fringe. This short but delightfully sweet show offers as much enjoyment for adults as it does for the young children it’s aimed at.

“It’s the two performers, Laura Jeffs and Anja Conti, who allow that to happen. That they have a natural chemistry is expected, but it’s their audience interaction that really stands out. So much of the performance relies on improvisation, and both artists excel at it. Not only do they create a safe space where children feel comfortable getting involved, but their light observational humour plays nicely to the parents too.

“The set design is also wonderfully done. The show takes place inside a tent, which already gives it a fairytale-esque vibe, and this is enhanced by how colourful everything is. The puppet representing Ned looks adorable, and the kids in the audience really respond positively to it.”

From Families Edinburgh Magazine

“Looking for a show combining magical storytelling, music and songs? Ned and the Whale is a must see. The performers Anya and Laura instantly had the young audience mesmerised on entering the tent with their comic and imaginative remarks ensuring all members of the audience felt involved.

"Both ladies are fantastic storytellers, musicians and singers full of facial expression as they take on various characters throughout the show as well as some puppeteering of wee cowardly Ned as he travels through the book visiting the Kingdom of Spies and perhaps a pirate encounter.”

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Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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