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Do Our Best- Remy Beasley & Francesca Moody Productions , Underbelly Cowgate- Iron Belly , August 15, 2019
Wales at Edinburgh Fringe by Do Our Best- Remy Beasley & Francesca Moody Productions Wales averages around a dozen productions at Edinburgh. That is theatre and dance either from Wales geographically or from makers who identify as Welsh. Stand-up, spoken word and other categories are uncounted, but are the same again. It takes a lot to get a show on, both grit and a rising amount of cash, and the results are never bad.

But there is a pattern. Among the sheer plethora a show gets a head of steam, early reviewers like it, and it nudges ahead. There are productions below 14th August 2017, 15th August 2016, 11th August 2016, 6th August 2014 that fit the pattern. And they go on to be seen.

They get themselves to London and further, the USA, Australia, New Zealand. Their creators get their recognition at the Wales Theatre Awards (R.I.P..2018). They are helped to get out in the world by being portable. The four cited have an aggregate between them of six actors and two musicians.

But they are the best of Welsh theatre for a reason. They have a zest to them, the qualities that are only in and of theatre. But they are rooted in stuff that matters, uprootedness, fear, dislocation.

It is mid-Festival and it looks as if the pattern continues in 2019. “Do Our Best” caught the attention of radio reviewers last week, below 10th August. “I came out of it, it was monkeying around in my head for ages. It was doing something quite extraordinary. It gets quite emotional. There's physical theatre in it. It got quite dark. Very raw and very powerful. The writing was wonderful, really authentic. Full of raw emotion, rage. ”
Print reviewers have followed in the same vein.

From Broadway Baby

“A phenomenal hour of emotional, immersive, funny and gut-wrenching theatre. Written and performed by the outstanding Remy Beasley..Do Our Best follows 30-year-old Welsh Girl Guide Cathy as she attempts to achieve her entertainer badge for the fourth time in the wake of her mother's death. Somewhat egotistical and hyperactive, she recollects her life and her previous badge attempts in this rollercoaster show of emotions.

…Our Best is a masterpiece, a powerful and passionate story of a girl’s life long quest to find herself and deal with her demons. It is one of the stand out shows of the festival. Remy Beasley, both in her writing and performance, has very much proven herself as an up and coming star, and I look forward to seeing her future work.

From Fest

“...this solo piece by writer and actor Remy Beasley is delivered with breakneck pace and emotional impact...She’s an outstanding comedy performer, demonstrating subtlety in her self-centred reaction to the news that Brown Owl’s arm has been ripped off in a tractor accident—meaning that teenage Sephie will miss her badge grading—and bravura showing-off with a pneumatic, red-gowned entrance in the style of Beyoncé or Rihanna.

“As the play shifts gear into something more wide-reaching about laying to rest the regrets of the past and remembering the inspirations of people we have met on the way.”

From Broadway World

“Produced by double Fringe First-winning Francesca Moody (of Angry Alan, Square Go and also one of the producers of mega-hit Fleabag), Do Our Best is a Fringe show that owns its platform. Beasley eagerly says hello to every person as they enter the theatre, running up and down the aisles like a Duracell Bunny on ProPlus.

“...Amy Cook's design sets up the charming over-confidence that fuels the show: it is staged in front of an obscenely large close-up of Sephie's face. Such aplomb is emulated in Beasley's water-tight script; "I AM SEVERELY TALENTED", she asserts with the arrogance of an investment banker (no offence). But this self-assurance is thinly veiled.

“...Do Our Best is a deceptively feather-light one-woman show. What begins as an out-and-out comedy gently morphs into something otherworldly...Beasley's immense piece of new writing harnesses the very reason why people got to the Fringe: to be entertained, to laugh.”

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“Do Our Best” continues until 25th August

Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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